1. Rafal Reply

    Hi, thanks for the article. It’s really a pain in the (removed) the situation you write about. Another issue is that almost all ideas are already taken. I had ordered a logo design recently for my wife’s store and all ideas I received has been already used up in some other logo designs. Despite of five different concepts that I received, I’ve had to reject all of them because of the lack of novelty or uniquess. I had to design the logo by myself though I’m not a graphician. It’s just a simple store name that is typed with an interesting font. 🙁

    By the way, the URL to the logothief website in your article is incorrect (logotheif instead of logothief). Cheers!

    • Zee Que Reply

      Thanks for mentioning it. It is fixed now.
      I would suggest you to first make a small logo brief for the designer, it will surely help him out to understand what exactly you are looking for and he will come out with a good option, if you don’t give him any logo brief he will surely look here and there for logo inspirations and will come with the logo similar to any other. Try Launch a new design contest for $200 – $300. You will get numerous creative logo designs just pick the one you like. Don’t ever purchase a premade logo design unless you are pretty sure about the originality. Logotypes have always been a good option as well.

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