The Necessity of Testing WordPress Themes Before Releasing Them

Nowadays, WordPress themes are way more complicated than what we initially had when the CMS system was released. The differences are many and as technology evolved so much in just a few years, we can now say that the same necessities that software development have appear with WordPress themes. This basically means that we need to always test what we create, before releasing to the public. Since the competition is so high, it can be really difficult to survive as a WordPress theme developer.

The problem is that many do not actually understand why they need to test the themes. They see that there are no problems when they do their own testing so hiring professionals like seems like just a waste of money. Let’s try and explain why such a belief is wrong and why you actually need to test your WordPress themes properly before you release them.

Testing Across All Platforms With All Specs


The developer usually uses some computers and a couple of operating systems to test the WordPress theme that is to be released. There is also a big possibility that testing would be done at different resolutions and with different browsers. This is not actually enough these days.

A professional testing team will recreate use for basically all possible users. This is highly important and professional testing includes all resolutions, browsers and operating systems. Benchmark tests are also done in order to make sure that working conditions for different scenarios are replicated.

Saving Money


This is one advantage that many developers do not realize, although they know why the statement is correct once they hear it. When you find a bug with a WordPress theme at a later stage of development, you waste much more time and money to get it solved. Continuous testing guarantees that bugs are identified as soon as possible. This means that you end up saving money and time, without doing anything else except working on your project.

Increased Security Needs


WordPress is no longer a CMS that is used for running blogs. We can create any type of site. This includes websites that require a security system like an e-commerce based shop. With this in mind, making sure that there is no security flaw becomes a true necessity.

Developers are not specialists in security in most situations. There is nothing worse than launching a theme and having problems for customers that bought it due to a security bug that was identified by a hacker. This is, most likely, the most important thing that counts nowadays when referring to WordPress theme development.

The bottom line is that you should never launch a site without being sure it will work properly. This includes WordPress themes. Why not do all that you can in order to deliver the best possible quality for those that would buy? Make sure that you work with professionals since there is no way you will be able to test everything properly alone. This is what will help you to deliver exactly what the customers need from you!


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