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Simple Line Art Used in Logo Design | 25 Beautiful Examples

Leaning on old patterns and by following the suit of stereotypical concepts won’t always help a graphic designer. He

A Fun Mix & Match of Famous Logos

An artist can think out of the box, he knows how to play with his skills and create a
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Watch Out! Some Logo Thieves are Exposed

These days people are more inclined to copy each other’s work rather to use their own brains, I guess

Famous Company Logos in Black Metal Typography

Artists try to figure out new ways to come onto the surface as there is a whole deep sea

Sleek Logo Design Experiment with Famous Brands

Big brands who have now gained recognition from the people were once in search of an apt logo design

Famous Company Logos Redesigned for Halloween 2013

The month that haunts us all through the year is nevertheless, October—a month of Halloween 2013, where people can’t
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15 Honest Confessions of Famous Brands

Your name is your identity which makes you different from another person. Tall, fat, handsome can be the traits

Colour Psychology in Logo Design [Infographic October 2013]

Every color comes with its own psychology. It has a meaning of its own, a message to impart and
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20 Smart Logo Designs From Omar Msary

A brand needs recognition and in order to be known, the most probable way to showcase it is through

Real Story Behind Brand Logos | A Fun Project by adelbanfeel

We all love food to the core, that makes us get through the day active and smart. A good