Steps Which Help You To Design Memorable Business Cards

Business cards play most vital part in any business. It has been used for making people aware about you and your services. It is considered as one of the best way for marketing. From many years it has been used for making a good as well as memorable impression on peoples about you and your services. As we all know that these cards have a very important place in our business marketing. It is very important for us to make a memorable and impressive. Here are some very important steps which helps you to design memorable business card. These steps are as follows:

Step One: Selection of An Impressive Design:

When you decide for designing a memorable business card it is very important for you to select a very impressive as well as unique style or design. It is a well known fact that if something looks different and exclusive that people can’t hide from its impression as well as can’t forget it too. In recent times a large number of designs and patterns are easily available as many creative persons are working very hard for creating new as well as unique styles for helping you out.

Some Memorable & Unique Examples of Business Card Designs

Hair Stylist Letterpress Business Card Design



Bentply Furniture Creative Cut Out Business Card Design

Image Source





Painter Dye Cut Business Card Design

Image Source



Beautiful Laser Creative Business Card Design

Image Source



Mixtape Double Sided Business Card Design for Dj

Image Source



Another Creative Example of Business Card Design for Hair Stylist

Image Source



Pop Up Business Card for Graphic Designer

Images Source




Electrician Creative Business Card Design

Images Source




TV Consultant Business Card Design

Image Source



Mogibo Creative Business Card Design

Image Source



Ninja BTL Unique Business Card Design

Image Source



Lips Business Design Design

Image Source



Another Example of Unique Business Card Design for Dentists

Images Source




Casabella Furniture Creative Business card

Image Source



Creative Business Card Design for Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Image Source



Step Two: Logo of the Company:

Another important step is to print logo of your firm on the card. Your card must have an exceptional as well as extraordinary logo which will attract the eyes of the people so that they can easily remove any of the doubt about your firm. Logos help in giving impression of a company’s reputation. You must have a very unusual kind of logo to grab all the attention of the peoples towards your services it will also help you in grab the trust of the peoples too.

Some Beautiful Examples of Logo Design on Business Cards:

Hotel Business Card Design

Image Source



Unique Logo Placement in Nation Builder Business Card

Image Source



Bakery Business Card with Logo Placement On Both Sides

Image Source



Another beautiful Logo with design elements on the back and front

Free busines card template Source



Perfect Example of Logo Placement in a Business Card Design

Image Source



Step Three: Information:

The basic thing which a business card acquires is the information about you and your firm, company or about their services. Always remember that the information should be very short and simple but it must contain all vital information in details. It should contain proper and detailed information about all the different types of services or product you deal with. It should also contain information like proper address, contact number; concern person’s details like name his contact number along with designation etc. these are the vital information which a business card must have.

Some Best Examples of Putting Contact Information on Business Cards:

Creative Example of Business Card Design

Image Source



Business Card for lawyer

Image Source



Red Couch Business Card Design for Software Developer

Image Source



Best Example of Contact Information on Your Business card

Image Source



Another Creative Example of putting Address on Business Cards

Image Source



Step Four: Colour Combination:

As we all know that colours have their own language expressing anything, you must choose a perfect colour combination which can perfectly suites your design as well as your different shades of your personalities and services. Be very careful in deciding the colour combination, let colours speak on behalf of you.

Some Beautiful Examples of Color Combination in Business Cards:

Perfect Color Combination in Reality Business card design

Image Source



Creative Studio Business Card Design

Image Source



Colorful Business Card Design with Perfect Combination Yet Elegant



Art Director Business Card Design

Image Source



Step Five: Proper Finishing:

Finishing is the only thing which makes anything complete. Finishing is the main part of any things creation or design. You must look out for a proper finishing of your card as it is the factor which will make it extraordinary and exceptional in from the burden of the business cards. Proper finishing will help your card to look great.

Some High Quality Business Card design with Perfect Finishing

Beautifully dye cut high quality business card

Image Source



Graphic Designer Business Card design

Image Source



High Quality Spot UV Business Card Design

Image Source



Another Example of High Quality Spot UV Business Card Design | Perfect Finishing

Image Source



Silver Foil Folded Business Card Design

Image Source



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