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Whether working on a new logo design, business venture or a personal design venture, the best can only be possible if you have concept clearly worked out prior to initiating the task. This might appear to be daunting task in the beginning but if you know how to work on the strategies, things will fall in place. Below are listed some of the imperatives that you need to cater to, in case you wish to come out with a killer graphic design.

1. Keep the needs of the client in mind


The best course of action to pursue is to keep an account of the client’s needs. Keep in mind the facts for which you have been assigned to create the graphic design and the imperative cause for which the graphic design is being created.

When you are able to get your facts together and are able to focus on what you need to create, you can ask some questions to the client to further streamline the process. You can begin by asking about how does to firm work’s and what kind of corporate culture is in prevalence in the organization. Also, ask you clients about their probable competitors and the purpose of the graphic design being created. Do not forget to ask the client about the deadlines and the price they are willing to pay for the graphic design.

With these facts in mind, before the initiation of the project, you can come up with a compatible design that fits into the ambit of your client and will reflect their professional competence at its best.


2. Design Brief


As you are able to identify and list your priority needs, you are in a better position to come up with, what is known as the design brief. This can be defined as a visionary statement of the objectives of the assignment that you have at hand. Design brief should also essentially have a clean outline of how you are going to meet the objectives along with the timeline mentioned alongside.

The design steps are explained in this brief in detail and the approval and edit cycles too are clearly indicated in the overall process.


3. Direction


Even in situations when you are clear on what you are designing and why you are doing the same, the plan still needs to be defined by the budget. Take care to ensure that if it is a personal project or for a client who demands professional efficiency.

If you are clear with ideas prior to the initiation of the project, you will need to work as per the priorities. If the client needs a one page design and you are not clear about the concept, you might end up having a four page pull out that can harm the financial prospects of the company too.


4. Understand the audience


Besides having a clear understanding on purpose and design of the project, having a clear vision of the audience is also necessary. Have a clear picture in mind about your perspective audience too. Make a note on who all will be viewing the graphic design. Keeping the interests and desires of the audience is also relevant for the success of any graphic design. It is ultimately the audience who will stand to benefit from the graphic design as your client has got it created for professional reasons.

Better the information you can gather about your target audience, greater are the chances of coming up with an idea that will be acceptable to all. Make a honest effort and come up with a targeted action. You will come up with a killer design that will make you stand apart among the increasing competition.


5. Sketching the idea


As the complete idea is generated in the mind, it is time to transfer the same on paper. Sketch the rough draft and share it with your colleagues and others. They will perhaps give you ideas that will make the idea a bit better.

Collect all the ideas and give them a proper shape. You will have much confidence as you begin the task on your computer screen.


6. Thumbnails


It is finally time to put the ideas across on your computer screen. Leave some scope for improvement and come out with a rough draft keeping the aspirations of the client and audience in mind. Keep creating rough drafts and experimenting with the looks, until you are able to come up with a visionary concept.

The competition is intense and with considerations of all the facts, you can come up with a clear idea of what you intend to achieve.


7. Final Outcome



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