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When we browse around the Internet – if you’re anything like me – you’ll have a short attention span. You may have several tabs open at once, and you may not have much time to spend reading through everything you see. It’s because of this that landing pages need to be snappy – they need to grab your attention right from the start. This is something that start-ups especially seem to be aware of. While big, older and more established companies are quite comfortable with having bland, uninspired landing pages – small businesses and start-ups are painfully aware of how fleeting traffic can be.

If you want to stand out, you need to make a good first impression – and that means design is incredibly important. An eye catching, beautiful and creative website design for your landing page can help ensure visitors stay and read what you have to say, check out your product and sign up or buy. To help give you some inspiration for your next landing page design project, we’ve created a showcase of some of our favourite marketing pages. Each of these landing pages are beautifully designed, thoughtfully crafted and incredibly creative, and we hope you find the collection interesting and useful.

1. Shipmentapp.com



2. Adioso.com



3. Portraits.aol.com



4. Flutterapp.com



5. Collatebox.com



6. Hipstamatic.com



 7. Webflow.com



8. Hull.io



9. Tripown.com



10. Simplesimple.co/currency

Creative-websites-landing-pages (10)


11.  Flipboard.com



12. Recon.io



13. 6wunderkinder.com



14. Layervault.com



 15. Theartofraw.g-star.com



 16. Cloudsnap.com



 17. Joingrouper.com



18. Fiftythree.com/paper


19.  Mylapka.com


20. Codeschool.com/paths/ruby



Have you found any landing pages that deserve to be shared? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Post Contributer: Alex is a designer who works for business printing experts PrintExpress, who specialise in NCR printing. In his spare time he enjoys studying web and print design.

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