A Beautiful Assemblage of 20 Realistic iOS App Icons For Inspiration

Cell phones have just become so indispensable; one can’t keep oneself away from it. They are handy and easy to carry any and everywhere. For the best pastime we usually plunge into app store to look into the catalogue which applications are on the run and hitting the rest. In order to accommodate people with abundance of mirth and joy, millions of applications are made on daily basis by numerous people.

We see a dramatic rise of the iPhone users, at every nook and corner you will find someone using a charismatic iPhone. For iPhone apps obviously iOS icons are designed. To get your application noticed by any iPhone user, you ought to make your iOS icon ravishing so it can grasp a visitor and he can’t stand to click on the download button of the desire application. Many a times, it happens that applications don’t really come under the consideration of a user unfortunately because of it non appealing app icon. Today I am presenting a beautiful assemblage of realistic iOS app icons for designers’ inspiration. Have a look down here!

Leather Wallet iOS App Icon

Application: My Wallet+ | App Developed by: Block21 AB



Leather Boxing Glove iOS App Icon

Application: OutFighter | Icon Designed by:  Alena |  App Developed by: WEBBIX



Thumb Impression iOS App Icon

Application: Truth Detector – Polygraph | Icon Designed by: Ramotion  |  App Developed by: Mobafun LLC



School Bag iOS App Icon

Application: iHomework | Icon Designed by: The Iconfactory |  App Developed by: Paul Pilone



Toque (Chef Hat) + Chilli iOS App Icon

Application: New Fork | Icon Designed by: Ramotion | App Developed by: Paul Pilone



Coin Box iOS App Icon

Application: Heads Vs Tails | Icon Designed by: gwenole jaffredou | App Developed by: MadSquare



Basket Ball iOS App Icon

Application: Bracket Madness | App Developed by: Michael Rami



Interior Design iOS App Icon

Application: Interior Design for iPad | Icon Designed by: Artua | App Developed by: Black Mana Studios



Zombies Game iOS App Icon Design

Application: Superbad vs. Zombies | Icon Designed by:  Denis Shoomov



Games iOS App Icon Design

Application: Battle for Niriyu | Icon Designed by: Denis Shoomov



Beautiful File Cover iOS App Icon

Application: My Day | Icon Designed by: Dmitry Prudnikov | App Developed by: Alexander Kholodov



Briefcase iOS App Icon Design

Application: My Day | Icon Designed by: Vitalik Sheptuhin | App Developed by: Hotels.ru LLC



DSLR Camera iOS App Icon Design

Application: KitCam | App Developed by: GhostBird Software



Retro Camera iOS App Icon Design

Application: Overgram | App Developed by: Potluck



Typewriter iOS App Icon

Application: WordTag | Icon Designed by: Ramotion | App Developed by: Juxa Labs, Inc



SLR Camera iOS App Icon Design

Application:  Tripod | App Developed by: CodeGoo



Weight Machine iOS App Icon

Application: Glycemic Index Buddy | Icon Designed by: joekirei | App Developed by: Greg Ellis



Cassette iOS App Icon

Application:  AirCassette | App Developed by: Majasalmi Ltd



Thumbelina iOS App Icon

Application:  Thumbelina: A Journey to a Dream | App Developed by: Video-Book World



Digital Art App iOS App Icon

Application:  Trivial Free | App Developed by: MobileFWD



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