Minimalistic Sticker Designs That Grab Your Attention

Although commonly underutilised by a huge percentage of businesses, stickers can offer a fantastic way to market a company offline when dashed with a splash of creativity. Chances are that you haven’t come across promotional stickers that often which in my opinion, is a shame. It’s also doubtful that you’ve ever used them to market your own business which again, could be a mistake.

Stickers are particularly cheap to produce (they only cost a few pence each) and once produced, you can give them out to the masses. A lot of companies choose to include stickers in the products that they ship to their customers; this was a technique that was utilised by Apple up until a few years ago. They would include promotional Apple stickers in the packaging for their products.

This had a pretty profound effect; people would stick these stickers not only on their Apple products, but also on their personal belongings. This was because they were minimalistic, bold and ultimately cool.

So, if you’re thinking of creating stickers for your business and have been looking for some inspiration, look no further. Here’s a list of some particularly cool-looking, minimalistic stickers from across the web.

1. Declaration


Source: Dribbble

Declaration is a clothing manufacturer and retailer based in the United States that creates products based on American History. They’re t-shirts feature some pretty cool designs and clearly, their products are being marketed towards the younger generation, and their branding reflects this.

To market their brand and website, Declaration got involved with sticker marketing and produced these stunningly beautiful, yet minimalistic stickers to help with their promotional efforts. These sticker designs reflect the brand down to a tee; they’re cool, minimalistic and also pretty luxurious. They definitely portray the image of a brand that creates premium products that are cool and high quality.

The sticker design in itself is pretty simple; it just the company logo and the web address printed on a black, die-cut background. I’m not entirely sure how Declaration used these stickers, but my guess is that their customers would have been proud to stick them to their personal belongings.


2. Orange Information Systems


Source: Discount Banner Printing

Orange Information Systems is a UK-based company specialising in a range of IT-related products and services. Clearly, this is not the most exciting industry to be in and when it comes to marketing, there are likely a lot of competitors that are also doing their best to obtain their fair share of clients.

To help with their marketing campaign, Orange Information Systems had these fantastic looking, minimalistic stickers produced to help them stand out from the crowd. As you can see, they feature a pretty bold design that makes great use of the colours orange, black and white. All of these colours contrast which adds to the stickers effect too.

Not only are these very bold designs, but they also fit in with the companies brand identity too. The use of the colour orange in the sticker designs represents the name of the company, as does the orange-like design of the letter “O” in the word orange.

Again, I’m unsure as to the particular use of these stickers but there’s no doubt that they’re eye-catching and also, pretty cool.


3. Charlie Wagers


Source: Dribbble

There are a lot of graphic designers out there and these days, in order to get your share of high quality clients, you need to market yourself in an effective and brandable way. This is exactly what the graphic designer; Charlie Wagers did by creating these cool, minimalistic sticker designs.

Charlie’s skills lie in graphic design so you’d expect his sticker design to reflect this, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s a pretty simple sticker that shows Charlie’s full name along with his website and skills (art and design). No other information is really needed as the design speaks for itself.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this sticker design is that it actually advertises Charlie’s services in itself. Charlie was clearly responsible for the design of this sticker and essentially, it’s turns a sticker into a portfolio piece as it demonstrates the quality and style of his work.


4. Thank You


Source: Dribbble

The final inspiring minimalistic sticker on my list is not company specific but it does provide a fantastic example of an extremely bold and eye-catching design.

As you can see, this is a very simple sticker that has been designed to depict a speed bubble with the words “thank you” in it. It’s my belief that this sticker was created by a graphic designer for fun, but there’s a lot of this stickers design qualities that you could apply to other sticker designs.

For a start, it’s extremely minimalistic (even more so than the stickers I’ve featured on this list so far) as it’s literally two words on a solid background. Imagine if those two words were your company name; it would be sure to attract a great deal of attention for you.

Another take away from this sticker design is the colour choice. The bright, bold green colour would grab someone’s attention from a distance and just goes to show how important colour is when it comes to design.



There is a serious lack of creative and minimal sticker designs on the Internet, especially ones that have been created on behalf of companies.

Businesses around the world need to start utilising stickers to promote themselves, no matter what industry they’re in. If you’re investing in flyers, business cards, leaflets or other printed marketing materials, there’s a chance that you could gain even more exposure if you traded these in for a cool, minimal sticker design that represents your brand.

What’s more, stickers are exceptionally cheap to produce so there’s no reason why most companies shouldn’t give sticker marketing a shot.

Post Contributor: Josh works for a leading sticker printing company based in the UK (Discount Banner Printing).  He has a passion for minimalistic design and is a huge fan of Apple.


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