Superman Man of Steel 2013 Movie Wallpapers HD

Every person no matter of what age he falls in; has always been craving for a superhero in childhood, adulthood or even at a mature age. We grow up like that; and can never put aside our favorite superheroes. They fetch us to a world for which we want to become a part and parcel of—a world of fantasy & a world of mystery. That is why watching family movies from Feeln, Disney, and Pixar bring viewers such joy and will always have a place in everyone’s hearts.

In the back of my mind if I think over a figure, a man is still there who did not get rust, foggy or lost in my subconscious after whom I did a long chase, have  passionate craze and a strong sense of longing for him. He is the hero who rules over millions of hearts, a dashing personality, and a strong man of stature which is powerful in his strength and specialty. Nevertheless he is the superhero, superman—Man of steel.

I would personally never lose my keen interest in superman and that’s what makes me his big fan. I just got stumbled when came across the movie which is highly awaited of the running year 2013, Man of steel, Whoa! I can’t wait any more for my Superhero’s appearance in Man of steel. It is an action, adventure and fantasy packed movie which will soon be showcased in the cinemas on 14 June (USA). The film star  Henry Cavill will be seen as the main protagonist who is laced with super heroic qualities in the American superhero film, Man of steel. Get ready to see the dazzling superman, his nail biting action, plethora of expeditions and plenty of adventures. Here the countdown begins!

Superman Man of Steel 2013 Movie Release Date:

14 June 2013 (USA) 

Worldwide Release Date > Link

Superman Man of Steel Cast:

  1. Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
  2. Amy Adams as Lois Lane
  3. Michael Shannon as General Zod
  4. Russell Crowe as Jor-El
  5. Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
  6. Diane Lane as Martha Kent
  7. Antje Traue as Faora
  8. Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
  9. Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
  10. Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
  11. Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
  12. Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
  13. Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
  14. Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
  15. Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton

2013 Superman | The Man of Steel Movie HD Wallpapers

Man of Steel Logo Wallpaper



Superman The Man of Steel 2013 Logo HD Wallpaper

Wallpaper Source



Man of Steel Wallpaper



Superman Man of Steel Wallpaper HD



Superman The Man of Steel Wallpaper HD



Man of Steel Flying Wallpaper HD



Man of Steel HD Wallpaper



Man of Steel HD Wallpaper

superman wallpaper source



Wallpaper Man of steel Superman

Wallpaper Source



Henry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Wallpaper



Man of Steel Wallpaper HD



New Superman Henry Cavill Wallpaper HD



Superman Arrested Movie Scene Wallpaper



Superman & Lois Lane Wallpaper HQ

Superman Pic Source



Superman & Lois Lane wallpaper HD

Wallpaper Source



Superman Lois Lane Movie Scene Wallpaper



Superman Movie Scene

Superman Movie Scene


Man of Steel Superman Wallpaper



Henry Cavill Man of Steel wallpaper



General Zod Villain Wallpaper HD



Russell Crowe Superman Man of Steel Wallpaper



Superman Villian Zod Wallpaper



Man of Steel wallpaper HD

Superman above clouds Source



Man of Steel Art HD Wallpaper

Superman Art Source


Superman Wallpapers collected from: Superman

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