Minimalist Pixar & Disney Movies Character Icons By Mirko Landi (Artist of the Month)

There is a race going on among the superheroes. Some likes Superman for it has a huge cloak that makes him fly and gives him power & strength. Some are in love with Spiderman because he can trap the enemies and save the world with his robust web. The list goes on and does not take a pause.

Wait a second, what teenagers, youth and kids adore and love these days? They are running after those animated movies that drive them into their own fantasy—a world they always fancy off, a perfect ambiance with flamboyant characters from where they don’t want to come out. The characters of Nemo, Cinderella, Mr. Potato, Eve, Carl and some other are embossed in their minds that have win over their hearts. They cannot part with them in their dreams too. Such Disney movies are the stepping stones and no one gets jaded watching them over and over again.

Today I am unfolding minimalist Pixar and Disney movies character icons. This is actually a fan art tribute to Disney world by Mirko Landi—he is the artist of the month. With such an artistic skill and love he drew all these icons that would make you fall in love with in first go. The production company of Pixar is based in California, USA. This workplace has received plentiful awards for their feature films. Scroll down to have a glimpse and have your reminiscences striking your head and ambushing the excitement you had when you watched these Disney characters on screen.

 WALL-E Movie Eve Icon






Up Movie Carl Icon



Turnip Head 2012 Movie Turnip Icon



Toy Story Woody Icon



Toy Story Buzz Icon



Toy Story Alien Icon



The Little Mermaid Ariel Icon



Stitch The Movie 2003 Icon



Snow White Icon



Pinocchio Icon



My Neighbor Totoro Icon



Monsters University Mike Icon



Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Po Icon



Finding Nemo Icon



Cinderella Icon



Cars Movie Lightning McQueen Icon



American Toy Mr Potato Icon



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