Old Vs New | Restoration of Historic Pictures

When we fancy about a historical portrait usually a picture that appears in the mind is of course black & white, without any colors or shades, as plain as a paper, dark and dull, torn and rusted, shabby and worn out. The layout, background with people in them looks as old as the time itself. Artists try their skill on different and diverse things to polish themselves and create their beautiful masterpieces. In such case they go for something innovative especially revitalizing the whole scenery with beauty and perfection.

Recently my eyes got bedazzled by an accumulation of historic pictures. The artists who worked on them made these pictures accurate as they could possibly be; but the surprising effects they introduced in the old pictures are truly creditable and praiseworthy.

Today I am unfolding old vs. new—a restoration of historic pictures. All the old and faded pictures that were once merely black and white are now rejuvenated by the artists via digital coloring effects. Isn’t altogether bringing a whole new life to the historic pictures? The elements of fancy and imagination are backing up these photo effects making them look wonderful.

The idea behind this is very suggestive and simple but tremendously skillful in itself. The scenes, backgrounds, people and situations look more than real and absolute. Pictures have become more vocal and amazingly powerful.

Admiration and criticism goes hand in glove with each other, as there are also people who think the artists could not do justice with the historic moments in these pictures. It’s upon you to decide whether you can relate to these real restored pictures or not. Have a look!

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Image Info: Walt Whitman, 1887

Colorized by: Danna Keller



Image Info: King of Sweden & Norway (Oscar II, 1880)

Colorized by: Sanna Dullaway



Image Info: British Troops ( England, September 20, 1939)

Colorized by: BenAfleckIsAnOkActor



Image Info: W.H. Murphy testing bulletproof jacket on October 13, 1923

Colorized by: BenAfleckIsAnOkActor



Image Info: Nikola Tesla, 1893

Colorized by: Danna Keller



Image Info: Joseph Goebbels gazing at photographer

Colorized by: photojacker



Image Info: A Boy with stuffed toy | London 1945

Colorized by: HansLucifer



Image Info: Old Gold’, Country Store, 1939

Colorized by: photojacker



Image Info: Albert Einstein, Summer 1939 Nassau Point, Long Island, New York

Colorized by: Edvos



Image Info: Big Jay McNeely at Olympic Auditorium at Los Angeles, 1953

Colorized by: traquea



Image Info: Auto Wreck in Washington D.C, 1921

Colorized by: Sanna Dullaway



Image Info: Lumber Worker, circa 1939

Colorized by: zuzahin



Image Info: An Image of Capitol in Nashville during the Civil War, 1864

Colorized by: Sanna Dullaway



Image Info: Japanese Archers, circa 1860

Colorized by: photojacker



Image Info: Hindenburg Disaster – May 6, 1937

Colorized by: Dana Keller



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