Fun Facts About Geeks & Nerds [Infographic]

Usually we never call our friends with their real names, ‘lazy lad, poor chap, goggles girl, fatty, weirdo’ and terms like these are names lesser and ironical remarks more, at times we call our friends out with their surname in a way of teasing them but that’s just a fun part. There is nothing harsh about it to get offensive or hurt. They never mind it at all and just in a responsive way they call us back as “jerk”.

People fall into either serious or crazy category if you analyze them deeply. My today’s post is really a jam-packed info-graphic worthy of your consideration. It is about fun facts regarding geeks and nerds through a very colorful info-graphic. People are less likely to be named as “geek” and “nerd” perhaps it has some ironical undertone which directly hits the sanities and one does not appreciate such disparaging nicknames.

Whether one takes it or not but people do belong to either of these categories. In the former times geeks and nerds used to be considered as stereotypical persons. Now with the varying epochs the outset is transformed, now a geek would be found lost in the shell of his lifestyle and a hard nut to crack, he would be roaming around with his gadgets and feeling quite at home wearing some really mocking t-shirt every time. They are tenacious to their beliefs and freakily sticky too.

Whereas a nerd is more into his own self, he is a bit clumsy, fascinated by his own dictum of life, having interest in games, movies and science etc. The rest you get to read through the following infographic. Find out in which category you fall and fish for your folks which type they belong too!

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