Copywriters Vs Art Directors | A Tale of Two Gurus

I am always in the hunt of eye bobbling posts to share with you so today what I am about to unleash is an interesting tale of two gurus; a noticeable and phenomenal work practice and involvement of copywriters and art directors. It takes an extra mile to compose something really novel and innovative. A book that has been written ages ago, placed in a worn out shelf with its cover brimmed with dust on the top and shabby look would not take much of a consideration than a latest outbreak of a new book available in the bookstall.

People don’t appreciate old and clumsy stuff they simply don’t really escalate alterations in the previous versions of things. They want something refreshing that may not cause them boredom. Something they can pull off well, something that satiates their aesthetics and something which may fall under the category they wish to see.

Here it is the real challenge for the two gurus—copy writer & the art director. Both have to deal with “mind” that is the key instrument from where the thoughts formulate and proceed to be implemented. For an art director leaving no stones unturned for a new creation is all that matters in his sight. He is visionary while making out his ideas into his designs. He tries his hand on diverse things that would click the eye balls and would turn out as bolt from the blue. An art director needs to look deeper into things–every ounce and every inch to create something out of the box.

The same is true with the copywriters as well. They are actually the initiator of a well-knit thought; they evolve an ingenious notion and aid the art directors to implement it having the best of their creative impulses intact. The copywriter is born with the bliss of playing with words as if ‘words in motion’ and he gives out such pragmatic and summarized taglines that hit the nail on the head.

Today’s post will show you that there is a very thin line between the experience of an art director and a copywriter in an ad agency. They are probably riding the same horse, having their unbridled imaginative maneuver to “make” & “create”. Let’s find out the real battle of the two creative gurus—art director & copywriter!

The File




The Colors




The Tool




The Tattoo




The Reason for our Anger




Keep Calm




Leaving the Agency




The Social Network




The Brush




The Machine




What my Mom thinks i do




Wishing Happy Birthday




The Keyboard


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