An Interesting Typography Project on Spam Emails

Recently I was checking in my inbox when I mistakenly pressed “spam” button in the sidebar, therefore I happened to find plenty of messages already looking my way. I got bedazzled at the subject “you have won $100000, claim it urgently”. I thought my days are changed, perhaps I am going to be richer in the town, my fate is rewritten, my world was spinning right round, I would have been dead if I could not click on to that spam mail. That’s how the subject of the spam mails casts a magical spell on the onlookers.

Through mails online marketing has become so common yet popular, some actually are brought round to these clever tactics like I was, for a minute become. This has remained one of the most used tactics in the past. The subject of such mails is made so clicking that whosoever read it out, won’t help going after the mail and clicking to the mentioned links, that’s what the sender wants us to do. It is by far oldest way of marketing online and I still wonder why I behaved so abnormally catching that particular spam mail.

Just by reading that eye bobbling subject of becoming a millionaire even my mouth got watery. Heart was not ready to resist the temptation, mind tricked me out, I started making mental schemes on the spot in the fraction of second where will I use such big money, but then after reading the “spam mail” all my hopes turned gray, my world was never been so upside-down as this was only the shrewd technique of advertising via email. That appealing spam email subject even made me walk into circles.

So today I am unleashing an interesting typography project on spam emails that you would really like to slog through. Many of the spam mails mean good offers or vice versa, you never know!  Have a look!

Interesting Typography Project on the Subject of Spam Emails

Typography-project-(2) Typography-project-(3) Typography-project-(4) Typography-project-(5) Typography-project-(6)

Typography-project-(8) Typography-project-(9) Typography-project-(10) Typography-project-(11) Typography-project-(12) Typography-project-(13)


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