Best Christmas Gadgets Ever

The best Christmas gadgets are the ones that you use year after year. The best ones are sadly not the ones that always last. The singing Santa often spends a few weeks out per year, and is crushed or broken before year number three. Still, it is all in good fun. Here are a few Christmas gadgets you may enjoy.

Here are some Best Christmas Gadgets Ever:

The LED Christmas tree


This is a great little gift because it can be used year after year, and if you give it to someone in November, then they are going to get more use out of it than the pair of socks you give them on Christmas day. The tree works very simply. It is a plastic tree that has small tubes that stretch to the end of the bristles. They are not actually LED lights themselves, but are actually tubes that carry LED light to the very end. At the base of the tree is a bigger LED light that has different colored filters running across the top of it. As the light passes through the filters, the different colored lights are projected at the ends of the bristles, making it look all nice and Christmassy.

Artificial Christmas Tree


The Toy Tin can shooting range


You can buy the electronic version where you aim a gun and the laser hits the can, which causes the can to fall over. Or, you can buy the pop gun version where a piece of plastic fires out and hits the cans, which then knocks them over. Why is this such a great Christmas gadget? Because it is only at Christmas when it gets played with. The house is full of food and pairs of Christmas socks and people are lying around doing nothing. All of a sudden, this toy that is more suitable for children becomes a great little toy for any bored member of the family.

Buy Shooting Set


The novelty walnut cracker


Only around Christmas will you see regular people eating walnuts. That is why the novelty walnut cracker always puts a smile on people’s faces. You can get one that is in the shape of a crocodile, or you can get one where the handles of the cracker are the legs of a man. You have to squeeze his legs together in order to crack your walnut. They are lots of fun.

buy walnut cracker


The heat sensitive mug


How better to treat an aging father than by letting him play with a temperature sensitive mug? You put in the hot fluid and it turns a certain color. As the drink cools or as it is drunk, the mug returns back to its room temperature color.

Buy day night mug


Proximity sensitive anything


They are everywhere at Christmas, so you are spoilt for choice. You can have proximity activated lights, or proximity activated singing Santa’s and reindeer. There is the classic singing fish that you can put on your wall, or you can even have music play if a person crosses a certain sensor.

Buy Proximity Sensitive Light Sensor


Your digital camera


These days a digital camera will also double over as a video camera. So you can have the best of both worlds without having to pay for an expensive video camera. This is a gadget that comes out around the Christmas period because people do not want to miss the good stuff. They don’t want to miss young Timmy making magnanimous statements, and nobody wants to miss mother sat at the top of the stairs crying because she has had too much gin.

Buy Sony Cyber-shot


The arctic force crossbow


If you are feeling frivolous, then buy two of these and give them to the kids when it snows. You won’t see them for hours. All they have to do is ball up some chunks of snow and slide them down to barrel. This device fires the snowballs at a rate that allows them to travel up to 80ft. You won’t hear from the kids again until one of them has shot the other one in the face at point blank range, and that child comes running in with a face like a baboons behind.

Buy Whamo Snow Crossbow


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