7 Amazing Apple iPhone 5 Apps To Download Now

The rumor mills never stop when it comes to the products like iPhone and iPad devices from Apple for obvious reasons. Apple has been always in news for coming out with some of the best products in the form of smartphones and tabs. One of these includes the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 comes with lots of interesting features and things like improved battery life, the retina display, incredible camera and several other things. One of the incredible features about the iPhone 5 is that every bit and piece of the device happens to be very much simple to use. You hardly take time to master using this device thanks to the user friendliness found in the iPhone devices including the latest ones. Besides, one thing that makes the difference in this pristine smartphone is the presence of a number of amazing and interesting kinds of applications. Once you download the right apps, you end up making the device shimmering and shining one. So, without wasting more time, let’s get straight to the list of top 7 most amazing Apple iPhone 5 applications, which you should download now in the following paragraphs:

Here are 7 Amazing Apple iPhone 5 Apps To Download

1). Dropbox


Dropbox is considered as a magical application, since it invisibly syncs all your files in between different machines. The same effects or features you can enjoy over your latest iPhone 5 device. Adding the Dropbox iPhone application in your iPhone 5 simply liberates you from the memory issue that you may face storing loads of stuff in your device since you know this device doesn’t come with MicroSD card slot. Dropbox helps you to access all your synced files using your iPhone 5 device from anywhere. In fact, you are not even supposed to be online to carry out this as its latest version can manage things without even connecting to the web. You can use this application to bring all your documents and different files and even things like videos and images, which helps a lot in making the sharing process simple. Though you get a space of 2GB initially but later you can easily upgrade to 3GB without any hassle that too for free.


2). Kindle


Though you can see your iPhone 5 very much smaller than Kindle yet it is competent enough to emulate it without much hassle. Having the free of cost Kindle application you can read loads of ebooks, magazines and other stuff that you have bought over Amazon.  Interestingly, the interface you encounter here in this application happens to be very much simple wherein you can easily swipe to turn pages hold and tap over the word in order to check its definition along with tapping and dragging different things to highlight the text. You have the option of adjusting different color schemes of your virtual book and even can change the font size. This application also helps in finding a number of books, jump inside any individual chapters and share the same over different social networking sites. With the help of Whispernet technology from Amazon, Kindle syncs your current page with the Kindle Cloud Reader, Kindle for iPad, Kindle for Mac, and the real hardware Kindles.


3). PhotoSynth


You certainly know that the Apple’s iPhone 5 device comes with incredible camera backed with some of the most interesting features. However, if you are keen to add more edge to it, consider downloading the application PhotoSynth in your iPhone 5 device. With this you can play and experiment with panoramas, which you cannot just miss. You would simply have loads of fun while watching your own panoramas and thus take shape while snapping over the view. The best part is it comes for free, which gives loads of fun while you capture and save different photos using your iPhone 5 camera.


4). Find My iPhone


If you often lose things easily then your iPhone 5 device has to be protected from this bad habit of leaving things back. If you in case leave your iPhone 5 device back at your workplace or some other place you still can find your phone using this application- Find My iPhone.  Also, if someone steals your phone, it can be secured and can reach back to you via this application. This application helps in locating your iPhone 5 device using another iOS based device and even secure the data. If you reach at such situation when your iPhone is missing all you need to do is to take another iOS based device sign in there via your Apple ID and find out the location of your phone. This application can buzz your phone in public area even it is in a silent mode thus allowing other people to know that about the theft or misallocation of your phone. It also wipes out your data along with locking your device thus making it a futile thing for others.


5). Comics


Everyone has enjoyed comics in their childhood; the same thing can be enjoyed using this application over your iPhone 5. If you have soft spots for comics you would definitely going to win your heart and fill the fun element in you and your friends. As Comics comes for free you have very little to lose while installing the same. Catch up the new fun and entertainment with this application and allow some light space in your busy and stressful schedule while leading a busy life.


6). Netflix


If you love to catch different movies and TV programs then you cannot just ignore this application. Netflix simply helps in streaming a number of movies and TV programs over your iPhone 5 device. You can instantly browse the web to find out your favorite program and start playing the same within seconds. All you need to do is to subscribe for free over the Netflix site and start streaming videos and one last requirement – you need a decent speed internet connection to enjoy loads of videos.


7). Moves


This application is not just a good communicator but also an efficient fitness tracker. Moves helps in telling you about the things you have done in the past day like for instance, it will detail everything right from walking, sitting, biking, taking up different transport, etc. for the day and even would chart your journey perfectly for your coming days. At the end you simply find a timeline of your complete day along with a full map of the place where you have been along with the time duration. In this way, you can keep an eye over your movements, which helps in tracking your fitness level as well.

Final word

If you have iPhone 5 device, remember without having different applications, it is not less than a simple phone to make or answer the calls. If you really want to enjoy the fun element the above seven apps for your iPhone 5 are worthy to be installed in it. Don’t miss them!

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