Day Jobs of Superheroes | A Fun Project by Serviced

Every one of us has a deep desire to meet our superheroes someday. Especially the youngsters, who don’t miss any movie of their superheroes and actually crave for them deep down in their hearts, they want to transform or at least impersonate their favorite superhero. A superhero is not like us, he has some magnanimous traits, different from us in appearance, supersonic in his potentials, has power to beat down the enemies, could figure out the truth, can mask off the evil faces, and does not balk himself off the traitors & conspirators, can save the world and bring peace.

From the super smashing Superman, to the epitome of masculinity–Iron man, from the unconventional habit of casting webs by Spiderman to the marvelous power of Thor, all superheroes are too fascinating and inevitable to whack anybody’s nerves, to give Goosebumps ad rush in the blood. Seeing such adventurous actions on screen in a realistic way can turn anyone a big maniac for superheroes’ charm.

Have you ever thought what our superheroes would be doing other than saving the world, creating peace, shooting off the foes and kicking off the terror? It is even quite a fun thing to just imagine the routines of our superheroes when they are totally free and laid back.

Today I am bringing along a fun project by Serviced. I am sure you will love this enjoyable assortment and since it is purely about superheroes it has become ‘treasure in the box’. In this post you will look through day jobs of superheroes. Have fun!

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