10 New Trends of Logo Design for 2014

A logo is the primary element when it comes to talk about a business’ forte. Many new owners reckon it to be an essential element to speak for their organization. Logos hold a very important position to stand for the perspective of the business firm.

The professionals try to break the conventions and to introduce new and modern techniques in the field of art so the subordinates, beginners and followers could drive inspiration out of their work and set new parameters that are boundless and not restricted.

For creating a masterpiece one has to break the shell and think laterally. I happened to collect 10 new trends of logo designs that can be used by the new designers in 2014 projects.

1. Negative space in Logo Design

There is a technique called negative space which is repetitively used by designers in order to give a very new yet simple touch to the logo designs. It manifests that you don’t need to beautify your logo design with complex things, just by adding some simple features you can still create a marvel.

20+ More Negative space > logos 




2. Line art used in Logo Design

Line art is drawn through pen tool in Illustrator to create a very clean and thin shaped logo design which is stunning in its appearance.

20+ more line art used in logos




3. Dynamic Letterpress Technique to give shades

A new technique which is used to give depth to the logo designs.

Source: 1, 2 | More letterpress on dribbble




4. Impossible Shape  in Logo Design

Another new technique is used to give infinity to the logo designs. Creative houses and think tanks can go for such logo designs.

More impossible shapes for inspiration on Behance




5. Gradient Mesh for logo design

In order to give a gradient touch to the logo design, Gradient mesh is used which shows the depth and richness of the logo.





6. Dual impact

Dual impact is used in the logo designs to give a double impression.





7. Geometric Abstract Polygon style in logo designs

In logo design, geometric polygon style is one of the most common techniques used these days

Credit: 12




 8. 3D in 2D

Logos are designed to give a 3D impact when they are actually 2D in shape.

Credit: 1, 2




9. Overlap Technique

Elements are overlapped in this technique of logo designs.

Credit: 1, 2




10. Using Blends in logo design

Several lines conjoin together to make a respective shape in this technique of logo designs. So far not much of a work is done in this regard.




Feel free to let us know if you get confused somewhere about the techniques.


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  1. Thanks for the informative post. The logos play a critical role in both designing and branding. Every website owner or business owner will want a logo should be unique and creative as well as an effective convey the business message to people. These shared logo trends are very inspirational and will help me a lot.

  2. Interesting Post. Personally i think line art can make really good logos. You can play with lines and come up with a unique master piece.

  3. I think negative logos can be described as logos with optical illusion, because all the logos that are using negative space have dual meanings. It all depends on the perception. These logos follow the theory of Gestalt psychology or gestaltism.

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