Amazing 3D Typography Experiment by Lex Wilson


Typography is a wonderful form of art which is reckoned to be the most ingenious form of art. In the most vocal fonts some thought provoking messages are manifested in typography designs that make it look so alluring and yet so beautiful. No artist’s eyes are required to get across the meanings; it is made in a way that even a layman can get the secreted connotation and meaning sealed behind.

Typography has become the most ‘used’ & ‘renowned’ form of art. It is all about a picture that says it all. There is vision and mind intact behind every typography work. Words are taken to a bigger level through typography and meanings are well communicated. It has become too popular lately. Graphic designers try more and more variations in their skills and keep on polishing them with new techniques. Discovering a new style is a big thing in itself and not every tom, dick & harry can come out with flying colors.

Recently I happened to look through amazing 3D typography experiment by Lex Wilson. He is a very skillful Illustrator and graphic designer. He plays with typography like a piece of cake. He has done an incredible experiment like a scientist in the laboratory. Lex’s main focus herein is on the 3D type typography which gives a more real feeling almost like a tangible object. It is perhaps an illusion and he has very well executed it in his experimental work.

The 3D perspective looks like that, the fonts and words are bulging out like “pop ups”. How beautifully an idea is perceived and projected by Lex; it is ample to give a new dimension to graphic designers and they can seek inspiration from this experimental work of Lex. Have a gaze!












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