Free Movie Folder Icons | PNGs + PSD

What you guys usually do when you are having spare hours? Do you go out for a walk with your pet? Visit a friend’s place, explore a new restaurant or simply lie down on the bed seeing the ceiling and fall asleep? There is a better way of spending time that’s recreational, enjoyable and happening all the same, be a movie freak, keep eyes on the blockbusters, get the CDs and start having a fun time.

I have long been a movie-holic, since I came into the shoes of adulthood, I have not left any single movie that hits the cinemas ever, watching movies is my all-time favorite hobby, I like sitting at home, collect the best and unforgettable movies in my cupboard. It is a great pastime as long as knowledge, information and refreshment are concerned.

If we visit a shop where articles are not placed in an organized form we would get out with a messy impression, it would give us a tough time choosing the article when everything is topsy-turvy, likewise things in a tidy form look perfect, it shows the stability of our personality too.

When I sit on the desk and open up my desktop, I find an immense collection of movies that I have stored and synced with the memory of the system, it gets hard to locate movies in the same place, sorting out this common issue that we all share, I tried making movie folder icons to help my need.

Now I don’t have to scroll up and down & screw my head, it has already pretty enough, I can directly find the movies through the respective genres and category icons. It has now become a piece of cake for me. You can have these movie folder icons for your convenience and comfort.

Have a look at the collection I am offering you for free. I hope these icons will accommodate you and you will find out the movies in their respective categories right through these movie folders.

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Free Movie Folder Icons | PNGs + PSD


Free Icons:

Available Size: 256 px only

Available Format:  ICO, PNGs + PSD file for custom movie icon

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Note: These icons are completely free for non-commercial usage. You cannot modify these icons, claim them to be your own, redistribute these icons on another website and/or sell them for a profit. You can only create more icons like these from the given PSD file.

Movie Folder Icons 




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  1. The creative commons license you list allows modification and commercial use. You should change it to no-derivatives, non-commercial.

    Beautiful work, by the way.

  2. I really love this icon set, when I can I will try to donate because I know you could charge for this set and collect, but you choose to offer it free and for that I thank you.
    I soon hope to be publishing a Flipboard titled “Icons {.ico & .png focus)” where I am going to share all the wonderful icon links I have found. I have gotten replies from most of the artist I have contacted allowing me to share their icon links. I was told to visit your site if I wanted to download this folder icon set, so even I feel obligated to ask for permission to share this page link. I have worked very hard on tracing icon sets I love so that the pages I share favor the artist, that is I try to the page where the artist information is shown and there is no ad-ware attached to the download (that has been harder then I thought that is why I haven’t published yet.) Long story short (sorry I love words and … ) do I have your permission to share this page? I will be happy to send you the link to my posted Flipboard when it’s shared if you would like.

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