Embossed Free Social Media Icons | Vector Ai File & 256 PNGs

The more you decorate your house the better look it seeks, the more you use fashionable attires, branded stuff, the more it makes you pretty, the more a shop is lit up with flashy goodies, the more people it would attract, likewise the more a website/blog is elegant the more audiences it would receive on daily basis.

This world goes with external beauty, how a thing looks has a direct impact on its approval and acceptance. Keep yourself up to date and upfront in latest trends so others would not walk over you, but envy the work you do. In the massive hodgepodge of blogs on the web, it is difficult to locate one particular blog that has everything. People forget it the moment after they log off, so in order to earn more visitors, social media icons are made. They are perhaps a latest trend to attach to the blogs and websites in this era.

Social media icons have a pertinent role to play; they boost audiences, give a spark to the blog, add to its beauty, grab people’s consideration and earn a great deal of viewers. If we say, social media icons are like backbone of a blog, it won’t be wrong from any inch, they have become indispensable, and a blogger cannot think and do without them.

The place of social media icons on a blog/website is picked by the blogger himself; he can either put them on the sidebar, on the top head or on the footer. Make your blogs more magnificent and grand by getting the social media icons set.

Have a look at the accumulation of embossed free social media icons that would look simply beautiful on the websites and blogs having white and light, and even the on the websites having dark themes, they would not get evaporated and sunken in the setting but ooze out in a dynamic way. Have a look!

The set of Free Social Networking Icons contain the following:

  • 1x Icon
  • 500 px Icon
  • Aim App Icon
  • Aim Icon
  • Aol Icon
  • Amazon Icon
  • Android Icon
  • Apple App Store Vector Icon
  • Apple Icon
  • Arto Icon
  • Ask Icon
  • AWS Icon
  • Baidu Icon
  • Basecamp Icon
  • Bebo Icon
  • Behance Icon
  • New Bing Icon
  • Blinklist Icon
  • Blip Icon
  • Blogger Icon
  • Bloglovin Icon
  • Bnter Icon
  • Buddy Press Icon
  • Carbonmade Icon
  • Cargo Collection Icon
  • Cloud App Icon
  • Coroflot Icon
  • CSS3 Icon
  • Delicious Icon
  • Designbump Icon
  • Designfloat Icon
  • Designmoo Icon
  • Deviantart Icon
  • Digg Icon
  • Diigo Icon
  • Dopplr Icon
  • Dribbble Icon
  • Dropbox Icon
  • Dzone Icon
  • Email Icon
  • Etsy Icon

  • Enveto Icon
  • Evernote Icon
  • Facebook Icon
  • Flickr Icon
  • Flukle Icon
  • Formspring Icon
  • Forrst Icon
  • Foursquare Icon
  • Foursquare One Icon
  • Friendfeed Icon
  • Friendster Icon
  • Fresqui Icon
  • Github Icon
  • Goodreads Icon
  • Google Drive Icon
  • Google Icon
  • Google Plus Icon
  • Google Plus One Icon
  • Grooveshark Icon
  • Gamespot Icon
  • Hyves Icon
  • Hi5 Icon
  • HTML5 Icon
  • ICQ Icon
  • Identi.ca Icon
  • Instagram Icon
  • Instapaper Icon
  • iTunes Icon
  • Kik Icon
  • Lastfm Icon
  • Linkedin Icon
  • Livejournal Icon
  • Metacafe Icon
  • Myspace Icon
  • Netvibes Icon
  • New Google Plus Icon
  • Newsvine Icon
  • Ning IconOrkut Icon
  • Path Icon
  • Photobucket Icon
  • Picasa Icon
  • Pinterest Icon
  • Plaxo Icon
  • Plurk Icon

  • Posterous Icon
  • Qik Icon
  • Quora Icon
  • Ravelry Icon
  • Reddit Icon
  • ReverbNation Icon
  • RSS Icon
  • Sharethis Icon
  • Skype Icon
  • Slashdot Icon
  • Slideshare Icon
  • Society6 Icon
  • Spotify Icon
  • SpecificFeeds Icon
  • SmugMug Icon
  • Soundcloud Icon
  • Squarespace Icon
  • Squidoo Icon
  • StumbleUpon Icon
  • Technorati Icon
  • Tout Icon
  • Tribenet Icon
  • Tumblr Icon
  • Twitter Icon
  • Twylah Icon
  • Ustream Icon
  • Viddler Icon
  • Vimeo Icon
  • Vine Icon
  • WordPress Icon
  • Xanga Icon
  • Xing Icon
  • Yahoo Icon
  • Yelp Icon
  • YouTube Icon
  • Zootool Icon

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Free Social Icons:

Available Size:  256 px for White & Dark Backgrounds

License: Free for personal use only + (Link Back to this Icon Set)

Embossed Social Icons 





Premium Version for only $ 5.00

Available Format:  Vector (.ai) file + PNGs

Available Size:  256 px, 128px, 96px, 72px, 48px, 32px

License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

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