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If you have a company you need a professional logo to represent it. Period.

Don’t think of a logo as a small trivial entity. Think of it this way. Your logo will be published on your website, will be printed on the products your company manufactures, will be printed in any books or manuals you may want to publish, will appear in all your advertisements, will appear on your company billboards, and so on and so forth.

You cannot be careless with something that will be seen with such a wide audience, could you?

The problem is where and how to get a good quality logo design?

Our recommendation is Logo Arena.


Logo Arena is a website where you will get several logo designs to choose from. If you hire a designer to design a logo then he will submit only a handful of designs to you. You will have only a few options to consider.

On the other hand, if you go with Logo Arena you will receive dozens of submissions from many different designers. You will have a large variety to choose from.

Let me explain how it all works.

Step 1 – Fill the form

First of all you will have to fill out a questionnaire answering questions regarding what kind of a logo you want. You can submit information like what colors you would like to see in the logo, your company name, what your company does, what things you want to communicate through the logo, and you can even submit some logos of other companies whose styles interest you.

The more you tell them about your expectations the better designs you will receive.

All fees are paid in advance therefore you will have to make a payment through PayPal or credit card. Your contest will go live as soon as the payment will be completed.

Step 2 – Entries and feedback

Once the contest goes live the designers at Logo Arena will start submitting their designs for as long as the contest is open.

You can then rank the entries and give them your feedback as often as possible. Your constant participation is necessary for quality results. You see the designers will tweak and adjust their designs as per your feedback and hence your regular feedback will help both you and them.

Step 3: Winner Selection

After the contest has ended you will be given seven days to choose the winning design. Once you have done so the winning designer will be informed by email and will be asked to upload the final files onto the Logo Arena website.

You can then download the files and approve them. Once everything has been finished and done to your satisfaction the prize amount will be transferred immediately to the designer’s PayPal address. Actually Logo Arena will deduct their fees of 15% from the prize money.

The website is worth checking out. Go and take a look at it and then let me know what you think in the comments below.

Some really beautiful examples of custom made logo design from Logo Arena

Custom-logo-designs-website-1 Custom-logo-designs-website-2 Custom-logo-designs-website-3 Custom-logo-designs-website-4


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