Inspiring Examples of Character Design & Sketching by Mike

Art, no matter in what form it is, it always makes the heart take a flight to a calm and serene place, art has various genres for instance painting and sketching etc. It is equally an intricate thing and yet so creative, only the artists who are born talented can switch their sides and make out something awe-inspiring. It takes a lot of time and an absolute focus to sketch a thing that looks tangible and beyond reality, an artist is imaginative, he can make an ugly thing look beautiful.

You cannot put him behind the bars of conventionalism, he can never follow rules and unless he uses his mind and heart, he can never rely on any third thing, obviously knowledge can take you from ‘A to Z’ but imagination can take you anywhere and everywhere. In the genres of art, fantasy and fiction are mandatory; there is a crispness and perfection in the hands of an artist.

Today I am unfolding inspiring examples of character design & sketching by Mike who is a great inspiration for the artists and graphic designers. Mike belongs to Prague, Czech Republic . His work can make you utter “OMG” as it is completely amazing & commendable. He takes art to some other level and gives a tough competition to his contemporaries. He is so much trained and polished to create masterpieces, at first he scatters his skillful magic on the sketching book then he gives a finishing to it through the use of Photoshop and Illustrator. He is the master of his job which makes his work incomparable and truly awesome. Mike’s sketching is already detailed and defined to the extent that looks more than a genuine thing, the way he uses various color tones make the characters look excitingly flamboyant and lively.

He has 12 years of experience which is pretty visible in his works i.e. logotypes, icons, and illustrations. He also designs websites, applications, games, and user interfaces as per the work demands. I am sure the collection would give a red rush to your spine and chills in the brains. Go ahead, take the ride.

Game Character Design



 Beautiful Character Design Example



Beautiful Character Design Sketching



Beautiful Character Sketch



 Bird Character Sketching



 Cartoon character design Examples



Character Sketch Examples





Game design Sketching & Presentation



 Game Environment Design & Sketching



Game Icon Design & Sketching



Game Icons Digital illustrations



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