List of Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 Teams Jerseys in Flat Designs

Sports and games keep us fit and quite in shape, at first we may find cramps and unusual response of body towards it but eventually the physical fitness would be worth seeing. It makes life longer and better, the temperaments remain calm and a sportsman’s spirit activates like a driving force from within. Winning and losing is just the matter of chance, one day the game is in your hands, the next day may be it is going to be slipped away in the hands of some other person but all it takes is courage, dare motivation and stamina to fight back and play with a monster spirit.

We see people have strong interest in football; the famous footballers have stirred up a passion in the fans to watch the game with all eyes open in focus. We are familiar with FIFA world cup of 2014, only a little time is left ahead of us and we can’t wait to see the clash of titans on the field.

Nobody knows in whose hands the FIFA World cup 2014 would befall; it is going to be held in Brazil in the month of June starting from 12th till July 13th 2014. Altogether 32 teams have qualified for FIFA world cup 2014 in Brazil.

Notably there would be 64 matches among the qualified teams and it would be played in twelve cities across Brazil, this football tournament would attract millions of fans across the world that would come to join in the stadium as spectators to support their country and encourage them to win the match. Countries take great pride just by participating in the FIFA world cup no matter whosoever wins the match it is all about spirit and enthusiasm of victory.

Today I am unfolding list of FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 teams jerseys in flat designs by Pablo Alejandro Gomez, get to know what style jerseys would be worn by your country team and how the jerseys would look in their new and completely different appearance. Fasten your seat belts and gear up to gaze at the following! 

1. Algeria Jersey

Algeria 2014 World Cup t-shirt is pure white and their shorts are green and white as well. Jerseys are designed and sponsored by Puma.



2. Argentina Jersey

Argentina t-shirt is designed by Adidas and were finalized in 2013. It comes with black Adidas stripes and the shorts are white.



3. Australia Jersey

Australia home and away tshirts are again produced by Nike same as the current kits. The shorts will be green.




4. Belgium Jersey

Belgium  World Cup tshirt is made by Burrda. T-shirt and shorts will be red with yellow and black elements on the front of the kit.




5. Bosnia and Herzegovina Jersey

Bosnia and Herzegovina tshirt design was finalized by Legea with a contract, before Legea, it was in talks with Nike.




6. Brazil Jersey

Brazil Fifa world cup kit is made by Nike and released after new year 2014. It is yellow in color with sleek green v-collar comes with a blue short.




7. Cameroon Jersey

Cameroon kit is made with unique graphic elements. It’s design is created by Puma.



8. Chile Jersey

Chile fifa shirt comes with blue collar. The tshirt is pure red with side applications, shorts are blue.



9. Colombia Jersey

Colombia World Cup 2014 shirt is as usual made by Adidas and comes with the lettering. The shorts of the new Colombia Kit are white not blue as previous.



10. Costa Rica Jersey

Costa Rica World Cup tshirt is designed by Lotto. Jerseys is red with blue shorts.



11. Croatia Jersey

Croatia tshirt is designed & sponsored by Nike. The new Croatia Home Jersey comes with a v-neck collar and will be used either with white or blue shorts depending on the opponent.



12. Ecuador Jersey

Ecuador Jersey is made by Marathon. It is yellow and blue in color with blue shots.




13. England Jersey

England Jersey is plain white with grey vertical stripes. Shorts are also white in color.



14. France Jersey

Designed by nike and it is navy blue color with white applications.



15. Germany Jersey

Germany World Cup home tshirt was presented in November 2013. Official tshirt is white with V-Neck and was revealed in February 2014 comes with white short as well.



16. Ghana Jersey

Ghana Fifa World Cup t-shirt is inspired by Kente cloth design. Tshirt and shorts are white in color.




17. Greece Jersey

Greece World Cup tshirt is designed by Nike, who took over the contract from Adidas in 2013



18. Honduras Jersey

Honduras kit is made by the Spanish brand Joma




19. Iran Jersey

Iran World Cup 2014 kits will be made by Uhlsport and were released in January 2014



20. Italy Jersey

Italy Jersey comes with flag details, with blue pinstripes.



21. Ivory Coast

Ivory comes with a very simple green t-shirt with green shorts.



22. Japan Jersey

Socks, shorts and tshirt are all blue in Japan Fifa Kit.



23. Mexico Jersey

Mexico Fifa tshirt design is made by Adidas. It is green in color with an impressive front graphic, while the Mexico World Cup Away Kit is red with black stripes.



24. Netherlands Jersey

Netherlands World Cup tshirt is made by Nike. It´s feature a classical polygonal style inspired by the 1988 kit. Netherlands 2014 Away Jersey is dark blue.



25. Nigeria Jersey

Nigeria 2014 World Cup Home Shirt is light green with dark green pinstripes. For World cup they will use the white version of their t-shirt.




26. Portugal Jersey

Portugal tshirt features a special 100 years anniversary badge and comes in two different tones of red.



27. Russia Jersey

Made by Adidas. t comes in red and features the watermark of the Moscow Kosmonauts Museum to honor the Space adventure of the country.



 28. South Korea Jersey

Designed by Nike. Fifa tshirt is red with blue shorts and the home tshirt is white with stripes on the side of the shoulder.




29. Spain Jersey

It is made by Adidas. Comes with red in color with vertical stripes. Shorts and socks are also red in colour.



30. Switzerland Jersey

Switzerland tshirt is one the simplest amongst all. It comes with red color.



31. United States Jersey

Presented by Nike in January 2014. It is also the very simple one.



32. Uruguay Jersey

Designed and sponsored by Puma. Light blue socks and tshirt with black shorts.



Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 Kit Colors



Fifa Cup 2014 Kit Shields



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  1. Ivory Coast is actually Orange color Jersey. Their AWAY jersey is green.
    Also Bosnia’s Jersey is now sponsored by Adidas. Can you make one for Bosnia & Cote D’Ivoire plzzzzz
    Tanzer Vaz

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