How to Train Your Dragon 2 Wallpaper HD Collection

I am a big fan of animated movies. The mania is enveloping every corner of the world where movie freaks exist. Animated movies are different, they look real, emotional, special and adorable, they always leave us spellbound after giving a moral lesson we should learn from. If you are a lover of dragons then the movie I am going to talk about would be a treat to watch for you. Add it in your watch list and you will never regret it.

Today I am bringing before you wallpapers HD collection of the movie, ‘How to train your dragon 2’.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Release Date: The movie is going to hit the cinemas on June 13, 2014 (USA).

Director & writers of the movie: Dean DeBlois will show his excellent directorial skills on screen and it will be an amazing experience for all of us to see the story without a loophole.  Dean DeBlois, Cressida Cowell are the writers that have done a great job, screenplay is truly phenomenal.

Plot of the movie:

How to train your dragon 2 is an adventure, animation and action packed movie. Notable 5 years are already passed ever since Hiccup and Toothless were able to bring together Vikings and dragons. The whole gang in the movie are undertaking some challenging things consequently there would be a reveal of secret ice cave, where the inhabitants are countless other dragons. Now the element of peace is in the hands of two friends—Hiccups and Toothless. They will work on the fact that only they are the two that can bring peace, calm, harmony and unity between dragons and men.

Now I am so excited to explore with them the new horizons and wide vistas. It for sure will be a great time to watch the dragons so huge, on the cinemas screens. Download the wallpapers and grace your desktops with any of them.

How to train your dragon 2 characters:

  1.  as Eret, Son of Eret (voice)
  2.  as Valka (voice)
  3.  as Stoick the Vast (voice)
  4.  as Snotlout (voice)
  5.  as Ruffnut (voice)
  6.  as Fishlegs (voice)
  7.  as Hiccup (voice)
  8.  as Tuffnut (voice)
  9.  as Astrid (voice)
  10.  as Drago Bludvist (voice)
  11.  as Gobber (voice)
  12.  as Teeny (voice)
  13.  as Ug (voice)
  14.  as Jacob (voice)

Complete How to train your dragon 2 character list here


How to Train Your Dragon 2 Wallpaper HD Collection

How To Train Your Dragon 2 logo wallpaper hd



How to train your dragon 2 official movie wallpaper 1920×1080



How to train your dragon 2 Characters Vikings 1366×768



How to train your dragon 2 wallpaper hd



Hiccup Valka Wallpaper HD



How to Train Your Dragon 2 toothless background hd



How to train your dragon 2 hd wallpaper 1920×1080



Toothless Hiccup Wallpaper HD



Toothless how to train your dragon 2 wallpaper 1920×1080



How to train your dragon 2 hiccup wallpaper



Hiccup Night Fury Picture



Astrid wallpaper how to train your dragon



How to train your dragon 2 astrid wallpaper



How to train your dragon 2 valka HD wallpaper 1920×1200



How to train your dragon 2 Pictures & Photos



Toothless Thunder Drum Wallpaper HD



How to train your dragon 2 Astrid wallpaper hd



Hookfang Snotlout Wallpaper HD



How to train your dragon wallpaper



Fishlegs & Meatlug Wallpaper HD



How to train your dragon 2 valka wallpaper hd



How to train your dragon 2 Characters wallpaper



How To Train Your Dragon 2 Photo

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Photo


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  1. Hi,
    The artwork above is absolutely amazing, my daughter has used everyone on her tablet as backgrounds, profile pictures and the rest of time just scrolls through them. She is suffering from nightmares at the moment and finds “How to Train Your Dragon 2 toothless background hd” very comforting, if she wakes up, she turns on her tablet and seems to calm down and go back to sleep.. is it possible to get a slightly higher definition copy? As we would like to get a very large poster print done for her over her bed, we have suggested it to her and she loves the idea.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Saludos;
    Mi hijo es fan de los dragones, te felicito por tu dedicación y tiempo para poner a nuestro alcance imágenes tan espléndidas de dragones.
    Te quería pedir si puedes poner los personajes malos de la película como: Drago mano dura, el alfa malo, entre otros.

    Saludos cordiales.

  3. Wow!!
    Nice works boss
    I love this wallpapers
    Toothless and hiccup,both friends for life.
    I love the movie itself,it not hideous,it super cute!!
    Am a big fan of How to train your dragon.

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