Creative Illustrations that Look Like Paper Art by Eiko Ojala

Being a graphic designer my eyes are always running in the potpourri of creative world. Inspiring work makes me attracted to it and I can’t help myself sharing it with you. Sometime it becomes so baffling which art pieces to put forward before your eyes because in this entire world there is a long list of artists that create stupendously new art pieces and there is an immense collection surprisingly, of various genres that it becomes way too difficult which one is better and outstanding than the other.

Innovation is the only thing in this huge world which can make you famous and worth consideration because already tons of works have done beautifully now the question is ‘what makes you and your work slightly different and unique from others?’

Recently I happened to see a dazzling collection of an artist, Eiko Ojala who belongs to Tallinn, Estonia. He makes tremendously good-looking art designs and Illustrations that would make you overwhelm. One cannot believe one’s eyes that art can be this real that digital Illustrations would impersonator as if they are paper art.

This artist has put me to wonder that his skill of digital art is ravishing, so perfect and crisp. The way colors are executed with vivid objects seem like true astonishment on planet earth; doesn’t it look like different pieces of papers are aligned to make a digital art Illustration?

You must see how brilliantly he has used his genius. The shadow effects are giving the pictures a real and tangible feel; the objects are oozing out of the paper with iconic shading and textured properties. He has taken digital Illustrations to some other level. Do let us know how much you liked this post of creative Illustrations that look like paper art by Eiko Ojala. Have a look!
















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