Movie Inspired World Cup 2014 Posters of Top Footballers

Are you a FIFA fan? Then you must be chilling out watching football world cup 2014. The tournament has begun with a bang and with each match the excitement shakes up our adrenalin. Let’s see who becomes successful in winning the final trophy and comes out victoriously. Keep your fingers crossed and cheer for your republic. FIFA world cup is a massive event where legendary footballers take the lead.

It has been observed that FIFA World cup tees, hats, mugs and stuff are being sold in a handsome amount because all around the world FIFA fans exist and they are ready to take any expenses reaching out for their footballers, we all are bouncing in the glory with FIFA fever. Footballers are entities we fall in love with, we crave for meeting them, be like them and just having a single photograph with them. It would simply be dream come true.

Some footballers have huge fan following and an immense monthly remunerations, Ronaldo is the top footballer who gracefully plays and shows his agony and aggression for football, that’s his specialty and significance, Messi is another hot favorite of fans, who has classy appearance and powerful approach to dodge the opponents and take over the field. As football is greatly surfed on the web, I thought to put together a post related to it

Today I am unfolding before you movie inspired world cup 2014 posters of top footballers. Seyon Dez who belongs to Chennai, India has beautifully designed the posters I could not help sharing with all the FIFA fans. These footballers are the real heroes so the artist is paying sheer honor and tribute to them; they are given the titles of famous smash hit movies that exactly go with the footballers’ personae & characteristics.

Take a quick ride and slog through the posters of world’s top footballers who give rush to the blood, who live in each hemisphere of our brains, who are like heartthrobs heroes for all of us. Have a look at these and do share with your circle that is in love with them.

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Movie Inspired World Cup 2014 Posters of Top Footballers


Cristiano Ronaldo
Superpower: Balance. Power. Vision. The quickest in the game. A one-on-one and free kick specialist. And one of the top 2 players of the world.


Lionel Messi
Superpower: The re-incarnation of Diego Maradona. Runs faster with the ball than without it. Arguably the greatest player of all time.


Andres Iniesta
Superpower: A tactical legend. The controller. The Kingmaker. And one of the best midfielders of his generation.


Luis Suarez
Superpower: Extremely powerful, incredibly aerial and plays aggressively with a ‘bite’


Mario Balotelli
Superpower: Agile, quick and astonishingly aggressive. One of the best penalty kick takers in world football.


Mesut Ozil
Superpower: An artistic genius when it comes to football. A player with a great imagination who can never be replicated.


Superpower: Unbelievable pace, astonishing playmaking skills


Wayne Rooney
Superpower: One of the most versatile players in the world.

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