Beautiful Lettering & Inspiring Typography Portfolio of Jessica Hische

Some people inspire us to the core that we love to be like them. Biographies and portfolios are unlocked if we want to know more about the people we aspire. I am presenting before you a passionate lady’s art pieces that would open up the sealed up brains of all those designers who do not think out of the box and follow blindly the stereotypical norms.

Jessica Hische is phenomenal in this regard who has such a talent of lettering and Illustrations that the entire world recognizes her name and work. She is a an aptitude and skill kit from which originality and ingenuity ooze out. Jessica is an award winning Illustrator and letterer who works in Brooklyn, NY.

I am presenting before you beautiful lettering & inspiring typography portfolio of Jessica Hische which you would love to gaze at. She works on fantastic color schemes with massive lettering that the amalgamation looks just the right match as two peas in the pod. She says “I love what I do for a living and try as hard as I can to help others find a way to do what they love.”

She has worked with impressively big banners like American Express, GQ Magazine, Macy’s, McCann Ericson, New York Magazine, Nike, Samsung, The New York Times, Tiffany & Co., Target, Chronicle Books, Victoria’s Secret, Pinterest etc. Her clients owe her a lot because of the level of confidence they have built on Jessica.

Jessica is a woman of innovation and ideas that every time she begins to work on new projects, the flow of imagination rules her mind and she forms an epic Illustration or lettering poster. Nevertheless she is an epitome of capability and magnificence to impart that even a work is hard; you must be devoted to it to bring out with flying colors

50+ Beautiful Lettering & Inspiring Typography collection by Jessica Hische

Papyrus Graduation Card

More info about the artwork

Papyrus-Graduation-Card Papyrus-Graduation-Card-2


Papyrus Goodbye Greeting Card

More info about the artwork

Papyrus-Goodbye-Greeting-Cards Papyrus-Goodbye-Greeting-Card


40 Eats | The Washington Post Annual Title

More info about the artwork



Pretty Happy Feeling Typography

More info about the artwork



The Write Way Editorial Project

More info



Typography Design for Mohawk Paper

More Info about typo



Target Tag Lines

More info

Target-Tag-Lines Target-Tag-Lines-2 Target-Tag-Lines-3 Target-Tag-Lines-4


The Livestrong Foundation Typography Poster

More Info



Fortune 50 Magazine cover Typography

More info

Fortune-50-Magazine-cover-Typography Fortune-50-Magazine-cover-Typography-2


Bertolli Pasta Campaign Magazine Ads

More info about campaign

Bertolli-Pasta-Campaign-Magazine-Ads-4 Bertolli-Pasta-Campaign-Magazine-Ads-3 Bertolli-Pasta-Campaign-Magazine-Ads-1 Bertolli-Pasta-Campaign-Magazine-Ads-2


Jessica & Russ wedding card

More info

Jessica-&-Russ-wedding-card-1 Jessica-&-Russ-wedding-card-2 Jessica-&-Russ-wedding-card-3 Jessica-&-Russ-wedding-card-4 Jessica-&-Russ-wedding-card-5 Jessica-&-Russ-wedding-card-7 Jessica-&-Russ-wedding-card-6 Jessica-&-Russ-wedding-card-8 Jessica-&-Russ-wedding-card-9 Jessica-&-Russ-wedding-card-10


Friday Night Party Invitation Card

More info




Minot beautiful Font perfect for wedding invites

Buy the font

Minot-beautiful-Font-perfect-for-wedding-invites Minot-beautiful-Font-perfect-for-wedding-invites-2 Minot-beautiful-Font-perfect-for-wedding-invites-3 Minot-beautiful-Font-perfect-for-wedding-invites-4 Minot-beautiful-Font-perfect-for-wedding-invites-5 Minot-beautiful-Font-perfect-for-wedding-invites-6 Minot-beautiful-Font-perfect-for-wedding-invites-7 Minot-beautiful-Font-perfect-for-wedding-invites-8 Minot-beautiful-Font-perfect-for-wedding-invites-9



Penguin Books Cover Designs

More info

Penguin-Books-Cover-Design Penguin-Books-Cover-Design-2 Penguin-Books-Cover-Design-3 Penguin-Books-Cover-Design-4 Penguin-Books-Cover-Design-5 Penguin-Books-Cover-Design-6 Penguin-Books-Cover-Design-7 Penguin-Books-Cover-Design-8 Penguin-Books-Cover-Design-9 Penguin-Books-Cover-Design-10


You’re-My-Pinspiration (Client Pinterest)




Creative Mornings Poster




Lettering and design for a day planner

More info

Inspiring-typography-by-jessica-hische Inspiring-typography-by-jessica-hische-3 Inspiring-typography-by-jessica-hische-2 Inspiring-typography-by-jessica-hische-4 Inspiring-typography-by-jessica-hische-5 Inspiring-typography-by-jessica-hische-6 Inspiring-typography-by-jessica-hische-8 Inspiring-typography-by-jessica-hische-7 Inspiring-typography-by-jessica-hische-9 Inspiring-typography-by-jessica-hische-10



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