20 Retro Vintage Motivational Typography Quotes

We live in a kind of world where people are all set to betray us, deceive us, fool us and play tricks on us through malicious ways. We should not let them prick our minds and become silent sufferers. We get to open eyes to see the truth, to fight back the forces, to move on with courage and make an uphill task, a piece of cake.

Negativity only ruins the inside out of a man, it is a strong force to stop us moving forward in our lives, it is burning heath to get us distracted and degenerate us from our values and norms. In the hard times even the strongest of us need patience, tolerance, courtesy and forbearance. We need a lashing force to get us going straight and do not get stumbled by hard rocks in the way.

Remember, people always throw stones at fruity trees and nobody comes to barren leaves. I have always learnt a fact of ‘Karma’, it pays back, it is a sort of retribution that the good you do to others shall come back to you in its multiplied forms. And the bad you throw at others would debase you in retaliation.

Today I am unfolding before you 20 retro vintage motivational typography quotes. These are ample to inspire entities like us who want motivation to fly above the intricacies of life. Even the best of us sometimes quit on the circumstances and we forget that the success is on the other side of hardships just like there is light on the end of the tunnel.

Life itself is an oxymoron; it is packed with joy & sorrow, happiness & sadness, conflict and comfort. The contradiction retains till the end of life and the ones who dare to take challenges come out victoriously.

I am sure these quotable quotes would give boost to your morals. Look at the beautiful way of all the typography posters. Cool colors and textures are used to give emphasis on each of the word. The musicality of quotes is enhanced by the shadings and entire theme of each of the poster. Do let us know what you found interesting about them.

20 Retro Vintage Motivational Typography Quotes























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  1. This is best collection I have find on the web till now, cool graphics and motivational as well as. This is also yours best quotes collection. Some are new but some are old but still loving all of them and downloaded all of them to keep me motivate.

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