iOS 8 Cirtangle Icons Concept by Zee Que

Nevertheless Apple has taken the responsibility on its shoulders to bombard us with upgraded and superfluous gadgets/devices every single year. With its every new release it appears as if there is no room left for more perfection and ‘this is all’, and we feel there cannot be anything more marvelous than this.

But how beautifully Apple proves this delusion wrong, it surprises us and makes us keep our hearts on sleeves for Apple technology, which is high class and just so aristocratic in its look, appeal and attraction. People do not prefer other brand phones since iPhone does it all.

There is an air of Apple iPhone 6 blowing which is expected to be released this fall. We are keeping our fingers crossed what more would be enclosed and elaborated in Apple iOS 8? Would it be cooler, finer and more happening?

Keeping it simple and in my firsthand view, I designed lately some iOS 8 Cirtangle icons, the concept is totally being derived by my techno mind. The motive behind it is basically bringing into consideration that it has now been quite mainstream to use sleek icons; they have already been used before quite repetitively. It is mere sophistication with simplicity.

Apple set its standard because the entire world follows it. So I am bringing forward my own proposal that icons should be different this time with ‘not so conventional appeal’, there should be a spark and prettiness in them so one feels good using them. It is my little effort that you can pursue with; it is absolutely free for try. But wait up, if you want them to use commercially, don’t forget to buy them.

In the Cirtangle icons I put together creativity, beauty, appeal and composure. These Cirtangle icons have depth, cuteness and eye catching effect. Icons have to be iconic, not a mere depiction of thinness or sleekness, they should be colorful and vigorous. Have a gaze without hiatus.  Do give me the feedback and it will be overwhelming  for me.

Cirtangle iOS 8 Icons Concept + Free Icons to try



Free iOS 8 Concept Icons:

Available Sizes:  128 px

License: Free for try only

Free iOS App Icons 





Premium Version for $ 12.00

Available Format:  Editable Vector File (Can easily be edited and scaled to any size)

Available Sizes:  1024 px for retina display (PNGs)

License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

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