Colorful Bubbly Inspirational Typography by Linzie Hunter

It is habit of artists to play with colors, colors are like ‘life and soul’ for them, without colors they cannot paint the world like they want, colors have a psychology no matter how much dim, dull or brighter they are. They have a story of their own; they have a different look that makes them unique & enticing to the eyes.

We all have our own favorite colors and we prefer buying the stuff of our favorite insignias. Life without colors is ambiguous, meaningless and obviously colorless. When a sketcher draws a sketch he makes its outline in the very first place, unless he puts colors into the sketch, life does not get inculcated in the picture.

I have found very colorful, bubbly and inspirational typography posters that you would love to stare. The beauty of these posters is nevertheless in the usage of colors by the artist, typography is adding to the glamor of the posters. You can get them printed and paste them on your walls; you can also frame any of these posters and put it in the frame placed near your bedside. These can also be gifted in the form of inspiring note to your friends; they will like it for sure.

Typography is one of the finest and most popular forms of art and design, artists have been trying hard to create typographical masterpieces, for this, new and innovative notions and techniques are in use these days by the graphic designers and artists.

Linzie is a London based Illustrator who has already worked with top brands and clients such as Nike, Harper Collins, BBC and the list goes on & so forth. I loved the way she keeps a lively element in her typography posters, beautiful textures and flamboyant backdrops are apple of eyes.

What an awesome use of fontsf that gives an incredibly adorable appeal. Her skill is truly the gift of the gab and hence her creation says it all. Do let us know how much you loved the accumulation. So we will manage such stuff in future as well for your interest. Look up to these inspiring yet motivation quotes. Cheers!













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