The Perfect WordPress Theme For Law Firms

How to pick the best WordPress theme for your law business

WordPress has become the content management system of choice for both small and big company websites. So if you want to build an online presence for a business the next step after choosing to go with WordPress is to find the right theme, which will dress up your website look and feel.
There are hundreds if not thousands of WordPress themes available. Unfortunately not all themes are very good, so the next big question is: “How do you find just the right theme for your website and for you as site owner/developer?”.
We will highlight the process you need to take when deciding on what theme you should choose.

Where do you begin?

There are free WordPress themes and there are Premium (paid) WordPress themes. I’ll start by saying that if you are creating a site for a business I would always recommend you to go with a premium theme. Why? Because first of all it means that the theme it’s kept up to date by a dedicated development theme, it usually has a more professional design, increased security and speed.

1. Great Design

One of the most important things before you start is to know your target audience. While it’s important that you like the design of the theme, it’s more important that your website visitors (hopefully future clients) like it. So you should always look for a great theme design that is the ideal fit for your business niche, which will send the right message through design, and also highlight your best content.
For example a great legal WordPress theme should always have an elegant & simple design, to send a message of trust to potential customers.


2. Is the theme responsive?

In today’s world more and more users are searching for the information they need directly from their mobile devices. Google’s Matt Cutts even said that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if mobile search exceeded desktop queries this year”. With this in mind it’s very important to choose a theme that has a responsive design, which will ensure your website looks great on any mobile or desktop device.

3. Does the theme come with good documentation and great support?

Documentation is essential if you are not a WordPress developer. A good documentation can make the process of installing and setting up a WordPress theme very easy, while a theme with no documentation (or a bad one) can make you spend hours trying to figure how everything works.
The support offered by the theme developer is equally important, so make sure support is included when you purchase the theme.

4. Out of the box, does the theme looks close to what you want your website to look like or does it require major changes?

I always recommend choose the theme after you already have an idea of the content you want to display on the website, so you can choose a theme with a layout fits that content and look without heavy customizations.

5. Theme Options

The large majority of themes for WordPress have a built-in options panel that lets you configure common settings. If you’re not experienced in HTML, CSS, and PHP you will want to choose a theme with an extensive options are, that will let you customize most of the theme, including styling and layout.
As you can see, when you choose a WordPress Theme there are a lot of things to take into consideration. As with any purchase, an educated decision is always the best one you can make.


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