Colorful Typography with Plasticine by Olga Protasova

I see numerous genres of design and art works by experts on daily basis but only few of them click me and inspire me to the core. I try my level best to shortlist the kind of work that can cause a creative wave in your head, that can put you in a thinking mode and you find yourself totally immersed in the posts like a part a huge part of it.

Well today’s work which I managed to put together for you is commendable perhaps there is not any appropriate adjective in dictionaries I may use, to describe this artist’s work. In short it is epic, brilliant and beyond one’s excellence. You will get bedazzled to find colorful typography with plasticine by Olg Prostasova.

How magically she has drawn colorful alphabets with the help of vibrant and flamboyant plasticine colors, one can never imagine the masterpieces like this. Each of her creation is a step up. I became a huge fan of her work. All it takes is imagination and thoughtfulness to form such pieces of art.

The way she has conjoint and used the technique of ‘mix and match’ of colors to create a junction of words in motion, it has put the beholders into “wonder stricken” mode. I am sure her skill will motivate the beginners and unexperienced artists to follow her suit and do such art differently.

We have already seen typography of enormous sorts but this one corners itself from the rest. Olg belongs to Ukraine; she is a graphic designer and a creative Illustrator who focusses on lettering, typography and illustrations. She is undoubtedly a guru of plasticine art.

I personally did not see such matchless creation in my life. Without fetching it longer I would suggest you to scroll down quickly and have the view by yourself. Trust me; her skill gives pleasure to eyes. Now experience it yourself.



















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