3D Lettering | A Unique Concept for Calligraphers & Typographers

Designers are the creatures that cannot remain within the boundary line; they think out of the box and hence are able to create the pieces of innovation. I have seen artists trying various art genres so as to meet the standard and demand of the time. No matter what skill it is, it needs time, a lot of patience and hard work to make it polished. You need to plunge out of your comfort zone and think laterally for the sake of the artistic pursuits to be done.

You cannot achieve drastic changes overnight. You get to sweat it out, if you are heedless of perfection then whatsoever you would design will be of no important use, and remember anything messy to eyes cannot be loved by mind, it cannot be adored by heart too.

So give in your all efforts, put your heart and mind in whatever you do and trust me the results will be superfluous in the long run. I try my best to bring before you inspiring and stunning posts that can open up vistas of creativity before you and for all those beginners who know least about art and design field.

Today I am unleashing before you 3D lettering which is a unique concept for calligraphers & typographers. You can seek the proper guidelines and ideas that how typography/lettering should work and look like. The beautiful flow of words are not halted anywhere rather running in a great rhythm making melodious symphony.

Do let me know how far the post helped you out. Make sure you leave us with your feedback that really helps us knowing what posts are appreciated by you and what more genres you are eyeballing at, in future. We are managing more such posts for your interest lined up in coming weeks. Take a quick tour right away!

3D-Lettering-Typgraphy-calligraphy-1 3D-Lettering-Typgraphy-calligraphy-2 3D-Lettering-Typgraphy-calligraphy-3 3D-Lettering-Typgraphy-calligraphy-4 3D-Lettering-Typgraphy-calligraphy-5

3D-Lettering-Typgraphy-calligraphy-6 3D-Lettering-Typgraphy-calligraphy-7 3D-Lettering-Typgraphy-calligraphy-8 3D-Lettering-Typgraphy-calligraphy-9 3D-Lettering-Typgraphy-calligraphy-10

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  1. Hello,

    Seek your help. I am trying to write a few words like ” Innovation at n i a d ” in 3D Calligraphic way. Can you guide me, should I pay for it. Thanks.

    These word and writing designs are mind blowing.

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