30+ Stunning Extreme Macro Photography Shots by Gold Medalist AlHabshi

Every art is different and unique; art evolves with the passage of time when artists bring transition into the perspectives and mindsets of people. When an extraordinary pursuit is done by an artist he opens up new ways of learning for his contemporaries and subordinates.

Art is a mighty ocean which is profound to get immersed into, which is wide enough to envelop the entire globe.  Artists are born they are not made; we all have a sense called ‘aesthetics’. We like to see beauty, we enjoy the landscapes, we adore the loveliness of nature and its aspects, hence we caress the creatures made by the Creator of this world, there are also people who believe,  ‘there is no time to stand and stare. For them, this world is an ugly place where running after money is the only job they have.

This notion should be condemned because unless we become a part of nature and its elements, we cannot enjoy the exquisiteness of the world around us, it is almost like a dead soul having no vision and sight for the beauty around. ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty’ and animals, insects & birds are the nuts and bolts of this planet earth.

Today I am unfolding before you stunning extreme macro photography by AlHabshi. Photography is an art that requires passion to capture the unapproachable. This art of photography comes after a lot of practice. My post will make you see at the beautiful earth wild creatures in their unique postures that are mesmerizing.

AlHabshi belongs to UAE, his gallery work is worth seeing, and he has already won gold medals for his epic macro photography. Surely his creativity deserves every gratitude and acknowledgement from around the world. The pictures are breath bouncing, high quality and of stunning textures.

How incomparable the photographer has seized them, we cannot believe it at once. He has revealed the tinniest secrets of nature packed in little insects what we have not seen before from our naked eyes. These ones are raw and inspirational for young photographers too. The collection will also make you love nature and earth creatures ardently. Share it with your folks around who like photography and animal clan. Do come back for more such posts that are already in queue for you.  Take the tour down to the ecstatic world of nature and faunas.

30+ Stunning Extreme Macro Photography Shots by Gold Medalist AlHabshi

Bee_Mouth_Parts_Extreme-Macro-Photography Charming_Black_Spider_Eyes_Extreme-Macro-Photography Colorful_Actocetor_Extreme-Macro-Photography Cuckoo_Wasp_Extreme-Macro-Photography Cuckoo_Wasp_Portrait_Extreme-Macro-Photography

Desert-Ant_Extreme-Macro-Photography Ensign_Wasp_EyeExtreme-Macro-Photography ground_beetle_Extreme-Macro-Photography Ground-Beetle_Extreme-Macro-Photography House_Fly_Extreme-Macro-Photography Hypnotism_Extreme-Macro-Photography Jumping_Spider_Little-Hulk_Macro-Photography long_legged_fly_by_alhabshi-d682jg1 Long_legged_fly_Extreme-Macro-Photography long_legged_green_fly_Extreme-Macro-Photography Metallic_Jumping_Spider_Extreme-Macro-Photography Metallic_Leaf_BeetleExtreme-Macro-Photography Metallic_Parasitoid_Wasp_Extreme-Macro-Photography Metallic_Shield_Bug_Extreme-Macro-Photography Monster_Ant_Eye_Extreme-Macro-Photography parasitoid_wasp_Extreme-Macro-Photography Parasitoid_wasp_eye_Extreme-Macro-Photography parasitoid_wasp-Extreme-Macro-Photography Physiphora_Smaragdina_Extreme-Macro-Photography Rhyncomya_Flavipes_Extreme-Macro-Photography Robber_fly_Extreme-Macro-Photography robberfly_Extreme-Macro-Photography Scoliid-Wasp-Extreme-Macro-Photography soldier_ant_Extreme-Macro-Photography Soldier-Ant-Extreme-Macro-Photography Wasp_Moth_Extreme-Macro-Photography Wasp_TBD_Extreme-Macro-Photography



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