28 Awe-Inspiring Logo Designs and Logo Marks by George Bokhua

Graphic designers have big brains because the way they perceive things is slightly diverse from an average mind. Artists are always visionary; they imagine an idea and then implement it with all the possible techniques. Creativity is in the bloodline of designers, they have to bring this element in their each and every design piece otherwise the task would lose its value and vigor.

An artist can read within the lines, he can seek the surface as well as in-depth meaning of a picture. It is a big duty on part of being an artist to bring out colors, beauty & inspiring elements from ordinary things. Logo designing is a field and genre of art. There was a time when designers could stereotype the logo designs already being made by the experts.

They used to simply add up font within a circle, rectangle or in bold to make it a logo design. As the trend and time has been evolved, people are aware; especially clients know how to get their task done by a graphic designer. They keep a check; inquire about the possible possibilities and alternative design elements. They can straight away reject design pieces; ask for alterations or absolute recreation of the designs. It is all about mindfulness.

That’s why designers are more conscious and wiser that how to satiate the needs of their clients and fulfill their duty productively. Today I am unfolding before you 28 awe-inspiring logo designs and logo marks by George Bokhua. He is a master of logo creations, the skillfulness, art and his command over it, is pretty visible in each of the logo mark.

I am sure it is a window opening to a world of inspiration and ideas especially for the beginners and learners. George is a steppingstone in the field of designing. Have a stare down here. Do let us know about your feedback.

Sail boat for the film production company



Plant with overlapping Techniques



 Negative Space Owl



 Nebo Logo design



 Meditation Logo



 Love Triangle logo



Letter K Overlaping Technique



Language logo



Head Film logo



Gibbon logo



 Ghost Rider Negative Space Logo



Fire for diesel company



Film Logo mark



Dog shampoo brand



 Dance logo



Cyberdude Logo design



 Cloud Logo



Camel Negative Space Logo design



 A Tree Of Knowledge Logo Mark



 Young Jaguar logo mark



Sway logo



Script Writing logo design



Bullet group logo



Bull Bond Logo mark



Basketball Club logo



Newwave Logo



Stardust logo design



Creative logo for Real Estate Company



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