19 Cool Lego Brick Sketching by Chris McVeigh

Art and design has a lot to do with ingenuity and innovation. There are a lot of art & design genres that have already been tried by many of the artists so in the hodge-podge of art world, artists are actually trying to figure out the best techniques that can help in making new and versatile art forms. We can never stereotype the classic art pieces; we can only seek ideas and inspiration from them.

Today I am unfolding before you cool Lego brick sketching by Chris McVeigh. This is by far one of the trickiest and yet so creative art forms I have ever come across in my entire life, no one can ever imagine making sketches on Lego bricks and blocks. It is way too conceptual and very difficult to manage colors, textures and touches on small and big Lego bricks.

I myself got bedazzled at the way Chris has used his imagination and formed it into reality. You can also make something like that and gift it to your folks; they will love to hang such sketches in their room walls.

Brick sketches are total fun illustration; people are getting more exposure into this genre of sketches. We all know, no matter what art it is, it requires your sweat, energies, high-mindedness and a lot of hard work. Chris is the true depiction of devoted artist who has put his heart and soul into each of his Lego sketches. They are countless in number but I have shortlisted some of the really best out of all.

Batman, Simpson, iron-man, Groot, ninja turtle, Grouch, Santa, Raccoon and Pikachu etc. have been flawlessly sketched by him on Lego bricks. Vibrant colors are giving a new stature to the Lego brick sketches. Have a look at the collection. Do give us your feedback; it is equally important as food to our body. Come back for more interesting posts like these.

19 Cool Lego Brick Sketching by Chris McVeigh

 Cookie Monster



Bart Simpson



 Bat Man



Bender Futurama



 Captain America












 Ninja Turtle



 Oscar the Grouch Sesame









 Santa Claus





















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