20+ Cool & Creative Modern Packaging Designs of 2015 For Inspiration

Designers are the think-tank that creates something out of the blue with finesse and perfection. They are like the sub-category of artists because their task is to implement what they perceive but just according to the demands of the clients. A designer has a memory box full of concepts, ideas and imaginations.

He brainstorms it each time when he has tasks to be delivered on daily basis. He clears off the desk before time and sometimes don’t even care how late he is getting to go back home. That’s the best thing about graphic designers, they are very much passionate about their job, and they take it as their responsibility and never act lame & indifferent towards their job tasks.

You can never expect laziness and lousy behavior from a graphic designer because he is clever and very efficient. There is an ebb & flow of notions which ooze out of his brain and he gives them direction & a proper outlet. All of us are blessed with thinking capacity but all of us do not use it in the same way like artists do. Today I am unfolding before you 20+ cool & creative modern packaging designs of 2015 for inspiration.

The packaging of products is all that matters because obviously out of the millions of things why would consumers fall for your product unless it is appealing and worth buying? So the packaging designs are the fundamentals for massive selling. Keep in mind that a highly attractive packaging design should be preferred cleverly to grab people and fetch them towards it.

Do let us know what you think about them and how much appropriate you have found these as trends in the current packaging design era. Give us your feedback and let us know what more interesting posts you are eyeing up from the blog. We promise you quality and quantity as well so each day you will be getting something like a bolt from the blue.

1. The Muzzles Creative stationary Packaging Design


The-Muzzles-Creative-stationary-Packaging-Design The-Muzzles-Creative-stationary-Packaging-Design-2 The-Muzzles-Creative-stationary-Packaging-Design-3 The-Muzzles-Creative-stationary-Packaging-Design-4


2. A tal da Castanha Nut Milk Packaging




3. Tadiran Bulb Creative Packaging Design

Credit: Shake Design

Tadiran-Bulb-Creative-Packaging-Design Tadiran-Bulb-Creative-Packaging-Design-2


4. Arepa packaging design


Arepa-packaging-design Arepa-packaging-design-2 Arepa-packaging-design-3 Arepa-packaging-design-4 Arepa-packaging-design-5


5. Zahncreme fur Kinder tooth paste packaging for kids


Zahncreme-fur-Kinder-tooth-paste-packaging-for-kids Zahncreme-fur-Kinder-tooth-paste-packaging-for-kids-2 Zahncreme-fur-Kinder-tooth-paste-packaging-for-kids-3


6. Packaging design for Bulgarian pastry take away


packaging-design-for-bulgarian-pastry-take-away packaging-design-for-bulgarian-pastry-take-away-2 packaging-design-for-bulgarian-pastry-take-away-3


7. Arcor Butter Toffees Cool Packaging Design


Arcor-Butter-Toffees-Cool-Packaging-Design-1 Arcor-Butter-Toffees-Cool-Packaging-Design-2 Arcor-Butter-Toffees-Cool-Packaging-Design-3 Arcor-Butter-Toffees-Cool-Packaging-Design-4


8. B Honey Packaging Design


B-Honey-Packaging-Design-2 B-Honey-Packaging-Design


9. Lugard Food Packaging Design


Lugard-Food-Packaging-Design-1 Lugard-Food-Packaging-Design-2 Lugard-Food-Packaging-Design-3 Lugard-Food-Packaging-Design-4 Lugard-Food-Packaging-Design-5 Lugard-Food-Packaging-Design-6


10. Niktea Beautiful Packaging Design Inspiration


niktea_Beautiful-Packaging-Design-Inspiration niktea_Beautiful-Packaging-Design-Inspiration-2 niktea_Beautiful-Packaging-Design-Inspiration-3niktea_Beautiful-Packaging-Design-Inspiration-4 niktea_Beautiful-Packaging-Design-Inspiration-5



11. 4life Modern Packaging Design Ideas


4life_Modern-Packaging-Design-Ideas-3 4life_Modern-Packaging-Design-Ideas-3 4life_Modern-Packaging-Design-Ideas-3


12. Love Popcorn Cool Packaging Design


Love-Popcorn-Cool-Packaging-Design-6 Love-Popcorn-Cool-Packaging-Design-5 Love-Popcorn-Cool-Packaging-Design-4 Love-Popcorn-Cool-Packaging-Design-3 Love-Popcorn-Cool-Packaging-Design-2 Love-Popcorn-Cool-Packaging-Design-1


13. Fish&Rice-Rice Packaging


Fish&Rice-Rice-Packaging Fish&Rice-Rice-Packaging-2 Fish&Rice-Rice-Packaging-3 Fish&Rice-Rice-Packaging-4


14. Dandy Candies Packaging Design




15. Nezhniy vozrast Cute Dairy Products Packaging Design


Nezhniy-vozrast-Cute-Dairy-Products-Packaging-Design Nezhniy-vozrast-Cute-Dairy-Products-Packaging-Design-2 Nezhniy-vozrast-Cute-Dairy-Products-Packaging-Design-3 Nezhniy-vozrast.Cute-Dairy-Products-Packaging-Design


16. Exotic Coffee Collection by Paradise


Exotic-Coffee-Collection-by-Paradise Exotic-Coffee-Collection-by-Paradise-2


17. Tenok Cricket Snacks | Cool Package design


Tenok-Cricket-Snacks Tenok-Cricket-Snacks


18. Kararay Paapar Chips Packaging Design


kararay-paapar-Chips-Packaging-Design kararay-paapar-Chips-Packaging-Design-2


19. Egg box Carton Creative Packaging Design


Egg-box-Carton-Creative-Packaging-Design Egg-box-Carton-Creative-Packaging-Design-


20. Jade monk packaging Design


jade-monk-packaging-Design jade-monk-packaging-Design-2 jade-monk-packaging-Design-3 jade-monk-packaging-Design-4 jade-monk-packaging-Design-5


21. Good Day Chocolates Packaging Design


Good-Day-Chocolates-Packaging-Design Good-Day-Chocolates-Packaging-Design-2 Good-Day-Chocolates-Packaging-Design-3 Good-Day-Chocolates-Packaging-Design-4 Good-Day-Chocolates-Packaging-Design-5



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  1. Holy schmoo! I don’t know where you tracked these all down, but these are some truly unique, innovative packaging concepts. I’m kind of blown away, actually. Thanks so much for putting together the article. I’d never have encountered most of these on my own, and they’re definitely inspiring!

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