20 Free & Premium Parallax WordPress Themes 2015

It’s a well-known fact that parallax scroll or parallax effect is a current trend. Some developers even say that it is getting overused now. However, there are thousands of parallax fans, who will stand their ground proving how cool it is. If you are one of them, please, read on as this blog post may turn out to be rather useful. It contains a collection of free and premium parallax WordPress themes.

But let’s put first things first and speak up what parallax is.

Actually, when we talk about parallax, we mean an optical illusion, a special scrolling technique when background images move slower that the foreground ones.

Why should developers bother with such kind of animation?

The fact is that parallax contributes greatly to the improvement of user experience, which is a goal of each and every website, whose owner wants to make business or simply become popular online. Parallax is really beautiful; it gives the user an incredible sense of immersion creating web pages that look deep, still staying within the frames of 2D environments. It looks and works like magic.

Firstly, parallax has been used mostly in video games. The trick is quite understandable as it lets to engage the player even more.

Then, website owners started to try it out on various web pages, either commercial or non-profit. And it had a success! You can’t but agree that sites with parallax scrolling effect are more interesting to view; they look more appealing, trendy and expensive.

Want to get a website with parallax effect for yourself?

Of course, the simplest way is to use one of the free or paid templates available on the net for this purpose. You can find a large number of premium WordPress themes with parallax effect but don’t forget to view our collection below. Maybe you will find exactly what you need here, so let’s dive in!

1. Surfing Club

Full-screen photos of surfers and giant waves look very impressive here. Text and buttons are big and touch-friendly, which is very important today.

Demo | Download



2. Free MYND Illustrations Theme

Present your illustrations the creative way. This cartoon-style theme with decorative stitches, big fonts and, of course, lots of illustrations may be the best option.

Demo | Download



3. Fashion

Big shots of gorgeous girls will hardly leave site visitors indifferent. Company logo has uncommon shape and visually divides main menu into two sections. An interesting move, isn’t it?

Demo | Download



4. Free Zerif Theme

A good example of contemporary business theme. It’s serious and trustworthy, yet very appealing.

Demo | Download



5. Sandy

Lilac background blur of this website is very pleasant for the eyes. It looks so soothing and peaceful.

Demo | Download



6. Free Alizee Theme

A simple theme for any kind of blog. It has a nice and neat content arrangement.

Demo | Download



7. Successful Business

It is a great theme for a consulting company. The author uses colors stimulating users’ activity and straight-to-the point content.

Demo | Download



8. Free MOESIA Theme

This theme with a huge background photo may become a good portfolio for a photographer. Website’s menu appears only after you start to scroll, which is rather unusual and can be called a spice of this site.

Demo | Download




9. Hemingway

A great, effective theme with a special emphasis on visuals and user-friendly layout. It is perfect for blogging, and any other related writing activity (hence the name).

Demo | Download



10. PROvise

This theme is a professional choice for any serious business company. It has some nice interactive elements such as hover effects, which will surely impress your visitors.

Demo | Download



11. Free Pilot Fish Theme

A minimal portfolio theme. It contains skeuomorphic elements and ‘blackboard font’. An interesting combination, isn’t it?

Demo | Download



12. Hotel Business

A solid theme for a hotel business. It has a big image slider with ghost buttons, hover effects, and other amazing features.

Demo | Download



13. Free Invert Theme

Use this theme for any type of business. Please note its creative slider and metro-style design elements.

Demo | Download



14. Safe Investment

Here serious content is vivified by bright colors. Content styling and graphs are also very helpful.

Demo | Download



15. Free Radiate Theme

A neutral theme for a blog. Any kind of information will be perfectly perceived due to instagram-style layout.

Demo | Download



16. Tasty Plate

A juicy color-scheme and mouthwatering images of delicious food on this theme will definitely grab your visitors’ attention.

Demo | Download



17. Free ADVERTICA Theme

The theme is feature-rich, responsive and SEO optimized. Exactly what you need for a quick start.

Demo | Download



18. Direct Approach

The theme has a smooth, sleek color-scheme that suits very well for a business website. It also has a great number of useful features, that will transform your website into a powerful tool to achieve success in your business field.

Demo | Download



19. Free Bootstrap Parallax

The combination of background patterns is rather playful here. Gamification and simplifying of the complicated things work right, as a rule.    

Demo | Download



20. App Theme

Having such kind of site is a kind of web business card. Want customers take you serious? Use something like that.   

Demo | Download



Wrap up

That’s all for now. The last thing we would like to ask you is whether you liked our compilation of free and paid parallax website templates useful? Did you find anything that fits your needs there? Or maybe you followed the link at the beginning of this article and made your pick among the premium WordPress parallax themes? Do you like parallax effect at all? Do you agree that it boosts user experience? Please, don’t keep silence, any feedback is welcome.


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