Inspiring Projects from Sketching to Detailed Illustrations by Marcelo Schultz

Designers and the artists are always seen busy at their work places, they are tossed down, twisted around and perplexed because too many things are at once rushing in their blood stream that to soothe their impulsive souls they have to give an outlet to their flood of ideas and perceptions.

At first, the whole idea is formulated, organized and then later on, implemented by the artists, their job is never easy, however you won’t see them sweating or snubbing about their apprehensions. It is always a treat to watch a design or art piece making from its very beginning till the end.

The whole process provides an amazing learning opportunity for beginners as well as professionals. Every artist has his own imagination, his own style and a different skill level that shows his ability of transition to produce from simple sketch to a great art piece. Nowadays, every commercial artist is so keen to share and show his art piece making right from the beginning so the client could really imagine how much effort has been put up in the art form and for some demanding clients justification becomes evident through this, the entire process can be glanced at and speaks a thousand words about it worth.

Today I am presenting before you a post dedicated to all artists whose work talk mighty and whose stance becomes clear with their creative pieces. Have a look at inspiring projects from sketching to detailed illustrations by Marcelo Schultz. Watch the total process of illustrations, step by step, from simple to complex and from surface to its concreate depiction of design.

Nothing is omitted, every step is beautifully taken and drawn, it is well knitted and for learners it will give a great deal of inspiration. Do let us know how far you have found this post inspiring for the beginners. It will make no spare room of doubt, flaws or drawbacks. Sketching is a dexterous art and cannot be obtained without practice, the more hand gets grip over it, the better outcome will be obvious!

10 Spades from Sketches till final illustrations

10-Spades-from-Sketches-till-illustrations-(1) 10-Spades-from-Sketches-till-illustrations-(2) 10-Spades-from-Sketches-till-illustrations-(3) 10-Spades-from-Sketches-till-illustrations-(4) 10-Spades-from-Sketches-till-illustrations-(5)




Halloween lettering Project

Halloween-2015-lettering-Project-1 Halloween-2015-lettering-Project-2 Halloween-2015-lettering-Project-3 Halloween-2015-lettering-Project-4 Halloween-2015-lettering-Project-5 Halloween-2015-lettering-Project-6 Halloween-2015-lettering-Project-7


Sullen T-shirt Design illustrations

Sullen-T-shirt-Design-illustrations-1 Sullen-T-shirt-Design-illustrations-2 Sullen-T-shirt-Design-illustrations-3 Sullen-T-shirt-Design-illustrations-4 Sullen-T-shirt-Design-illustrations-5 Sullen-T-shirt-Design-illustrations-6 Sullen-T-shirt-Design-illustrations-7


Push Limits Vuly Typography

Push-Limits-Vuly-sketches-illustrations-1 Push-Limits-Vuly-sketches-illustrations-2 Push-Limits-Vuly-sketches-illustrations-3 Push-Limits-Vuly-sketches-illustrations-4 Push-Limits-Vuly-sketches-illustrations-6 Push-Limits-Vuly-sketches-illustrations-7 Push-Limits-Vuly-sketches-illustrations-8



Asphault Illustrations

Asphault-Illustrations-1 Asphault-Illustrations-2 Asphault-Illustrations-3 Asphault-Illustrations


Garage Art Typography Project

Garage-Art-typography-Project-1 Garage-Art-typography-Project-2 Garage-Art-typography-Project-3 Garage-Art-typography-Project-4 Garage-Art-typography-Project-5


Clothing Line Lettering Illustrations

Clothing-Line-Lettering-Illustrations Clothing-Line-Lettering-Illustrations-2 Clothing-Line-Lettering-Illustrations-3 Clothing-Line-Lettering-Illustrations-4 Clothing-Line-Lettering-Illustrations-5 Clothing-Line-Lettering-Illustrations-6 Clothing-Line-Lettering-Illustrations-7 Clothing-Line-Lettering-Illustrations-8 Clothing-Line-Lettering-Illustrations-9


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