27 Beautiful Hand Embroidered Illustrations and Lettering Examples by MaricorMaricar Studio

Success begins when you step out of your comfort zone, so don’t ever reckon that the same thing and work will take you anywhere. Because when you limit yourself to a particular domain, you stick to it, maybe it will polish your skill by repetitive practices  but in this way you cannot do something unconventional, something with par excellence or something that can help you making your own big name, something you’re capable of and something you can do really well.

Learning is earning and when the process of learning stops, earnings stops. It is a constant process, you can never put a mute button to it so always keep your feet moving on because success is always lying there where you haven’t reached as yet. Some artists really inspire me because they have the instinct of trying out something not stereotype but something beyond ones imagination.

I unleash before you the artists of various techniques just to let you know that how differently an art can be done, how beautifully work of art can become a masterpiece and how the efforts pay off the artist sooner or later. There is no doubt about it that artists are creative souls but they must think outside the box, as it is not only about playing with the beautiful roses but to deal with the thorns is the real art.

Today I am unfolding before you some fantastic seamless illustrations and lettering examples by MaricorMaricar Studio. At first, the artist used the technique of paper cut illustrations now the focus is moved and has transformed the artist’s style into embroidered illustrations that made the studio & work of art really famous. Although it is very time consuming, but it expands itself into new directions of lettering.

Have a look at the collection of beautiful hand embroidered illustrations and lettering by MaricorMaricar Studio. Stick around for more posts that will be presented before you each day, hoping for your cooler responses than ever, we are here to provide you with the best art and design posts.

1. Hand Embroidered WordPress Logo



2. The World of SUNO




3. Shut Up I’m Dreaming

Dreaming-typography Dreaming-typography-2


4. Love Lettering



5. Not Everybody’s Cup of Tea



6. SHOP Magazine London



7. Vogue Japan Perfect Denim



8. DC Shoes x Pick Me Up London collaboration



9. Embroidered Catalogue cover artwork



10. Portraits

Portraits Illustrations


11. Design Sponge Embroidered badges




12. Embroidered Shop Magazine cover artwork



13. Private Commissions

Private-Commissions Private-Commissions--2 Private-Commissions---3


14. Embroidered Typography

Embroidered-Typography-1 Embroidered-Typography-2



15. Epic Battles | Pick Me Up London

Embroidered-Illustrations-3 Embroidered-Illustrations-2 Embroidered-Illustrations-1


16. Fortune’s Rocks – embroidered book cover



17. Oh Joy! Embroidered Logo



18. Embroidered Magazine cover typography



19.Pop-Up Book Illustrations

Pop-Up-Book-illustations Pop-Up-Book-illustations-2


20. Esquire UK Magazine – Embroidered Typography

Embroidered-Typography-2 Embroidered-Typography


21. Embroidered Catalogue Cover



22. Be Excellent To Each Other




23. Sweater Letter – Family Set




24. Sweater Letters sewn alphabet

Sweater-Letters---sewn-alphabet-2 Sweater-Letters---sewn-alphabet Sweater-Letters---sewn-alphabet-3 Sweater-Letters---sewn-alphabet-4



25. Standing in line with Mr Jimmy



26. Go Play



27. Turns of Speech and Figures of Phrase

Turns-of-Speech-and-Figures-of-Phrase-5 Turns-of-Speech-and-Figures-of-Phrase-3 Turns-of-Speech-and-Figures-of-Phrase-4 Turns-of-Speech-and-Figures-of-Phrase-2 Turns-of-Speech-and-Figures-of-Phrase


28. You Gotta Keep Cheering & Hungry Colours

You-Gotta-Keep-Cheering-&-Hungry-Colours You-Gotta-Keep-Cheering-&-Hungry-Colours


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