One Line Art Logo Designs | A New Trend Ready to Explored in 2015

Artists are not the ones that merely make the art pieces, artists give new dimensions to the art genres and they bring out the best art forms that give diverse directions to the learners.

What do you expect usually an artist to be like? He may be dressed up not really well or up to dated but his personality will be having abundance of ideologies, fantasies and dreams. He can change the bad into good with the strokes of his brush. He is a mind full of ideas, he is the body having enigma of colors, his heart is replete with passion, his dedication pumps through his veins, his eyes are fixated on his skill, his talent just sprouts out without a hitch, his imagination tosses over the globe, his blood is utmost obsession with art and his bone marrow outbursts in the purest form of innovation.

I wonder what more can best describe the den of artists. Well they worth appraisal, they are nothing less than diamonds that shine and never get broken. How many artists can you actually name? Perhaps their names may go behind the cloud but their work of inspiration will always remain alive in the heart of the cosmos.

I appreciate the artists who don’t get stumbled by the same techniques and tools, the real artists are the ones who transform the type in their own way and bring into consideration what previously has not been ever observed. They don’t imitate the train of multitudes rather they themselves come out with shinning armors.

Today I am unfolding before you one line art logo designs that is a new logo trend for 2015. Have a look at the collection, although it may look a little surprising but yet it gives a deep insight into the logos that lead to exploration, have you seen this logo art before? If not then this will be truly mind boggling for you all. What a trick the artist has implied, just a stroke and there it is done to enthrall the onlookers.

One Line Art Logo Designs | A New Trend for 2015
















Credit: Differantly Studio

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