10 Things Not To Say To A Graphic Designer | Poster Series by Shruti Gupta

Things are not easy as they seem from the perspective of an artist because we can only see the surface and smoothness of the painting but we can hardly imagine what it really takes to compose a masterpiece like that, apparently it is all easy to go about but the blend, amalgamation of hues and techniques take a lot of time to deliver.

Likewise when a graphic designer sits on his desk, he looks at the piles of work on his shoulders, he at first formulates the ideas regarding the task, more like brainstorming and then comes the subsequent implementation in the most refined manner. However it is a hard job too, because a designer comes into terms with clients that may be annoying, fierce, outrageous, humble, kind, brutal, cynical, moody, snobbish, unsatisfied or ironical. It is the professionalism on part of a designer to deal with the type accordingly.

Obviously he has to keep calm, cool down and put a chill plastered self so to give the best shot in his work, and not to retaliate in a negative manner so to come out with exactly the things as expected from the clients. Several cases are seen when designers get irritated by the stupid questions or queries the clients come up with. That look almost impossible to tackle.

Today I am unfolding before you all those remarks that a designers confronts on day to day basis most commonly. The 10 things not to say to a graphic designer, a poster series by Shruti Gupta will highlight what it really is on part of designer, and the sort of comments he comes across after being done with the task. Have a look at the collection. Most of the designers can relate to this totally because it is not something new.

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