10 Side Effects of Becoming a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer seems always busy in his day to day business because he has too much to deliver to his clients that it becomes awful to respond to every negativity around. Of course they too have a temperament, they do get irritated & annoyed so often but it is how better they manage it all to absorb it to avoid bad repercussions.

This shows their mindset and how professional they really are. Graphic designers are always having a smirk on their faces because they are keen observers, they are not shallow but having the deeper thoughts, you will always find them contemplating. There are too many ‘whys’ and ‘Hows’ going on in their minds that one cannot guess what they are pondering over.

From the perspective of a designer, things are pretty different and all the more complex. They look to the other side of the picture as well and do have a calculative mind. Nevertheless their imagination is exceedingly bigger than average mind, and there is no doubt in the fact that they do it impressively. I have a lot of friends who are designers and love what they do however I have also found them entangled into some weird whims– whining about every tiny object they come across.

Today I am unfolding before you 10 side effects of becoming a graphic designer. You will totally relate to these because that’s not something new to designers, they have their own perceptions, thoughts, mindsets, gestures and ideas which are different from many. They may seem to be agitated about using the same fonts elsewhere, they will get annoyed of giving free favors to the long distant acquaintances, they will be having problems with color scheme around, they will show their whims about the minute things too because they want things their way.

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10 Side Effects of Becoming a Graphic Designer











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