10 Things That Make Designers Freak Out!

Designers are just not the spare wheels that one comes and buys all at once, they are precious ornaments in an office because from the little things to the greater projects, everything is put onto the shoulder of them, they know how to manage stuff and show grace under pressure. They face challenges every day in their workplace and deal all the nasty stuff as well.

Criticism comes their way, disapproval is like a daily food for them, praises, compliments, appreciation too are on their table but there are things that they don’t want to face, that put them on an emergency brake when they meet up some awkward and really odd situations, who would want to be caught up by circumstances? Let’s see what we are talking about down here.

Sometimes they invest time way too much on a software but all at once the respective software glitch occurs and there goes all the work into trash, that’s something really disturbing for a designer, also sometimes an irritating client blows the mood by saying, it will only take few minutes to build this up when it would actually take an hour or so, in order to calm their ignited nerves down, they also take the help of music but what if they forget keeping headphones to the office?

Well now that’s something really scary. Some other days they also happen to watch a font and fall in love with it over the internet (costing $500) what a knock out to buy it. Again a misery! So and so forth are the issues they want to refrain from but obviously they cut a sorry figure if they meet up these fears in a day or two within a week.

Today I am presenting all those 10 things that make designers freak out, have a look at the moments designers get panicked about. Stay hooked, a lot of interesting posts are on their way!

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DesignerFears-01 DesignerFears-02 DesignerFears-03 DesignerFears-04 DesignerFears-05

DesignerFears-06 DesignerFears-07 DesignerFears-08 DesignerFears-09 DesignerFears-010

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