25 Best New Year 2016 Wall & Desk Calendar Designs For Inspiration

When we talk about New Year, the idea directly goes to resolutions. Every year we form various resolutions, we have certain dreams to achieve, some realities to face, some memories to get over, some good pursuits to prolong, some broken hearts to be patched, rectification of some faults, hoping for a new journey with new hopes, maybe a resolution to get the desire job, or maybe to travel Paris or New York, maybe the aim of getting the degree with A grade, some enemies to defeat, some liars to be knocked off and the list of such resolutions goes on and on.

We all are used to it. It is a very pleasant gesture to start a new year with new wishes and aims. Believe me when we are clear about the objectives of our lives, we tend to eventually make our ways towards it. An aimless person has no way to go about, he will be ok with the same routine and it will not offend him either to be less in the limelight.

Whereas life has a different perspective where it tosses us upside down only to teach us the right lessons we need to learn. We have different challenges to face but all this can only obtained when we have the true spirit of positivity. So let’s start a new year with new fantasies and don’t mix it up with reality. Let’s be clearer about the state of happiness and joys.

Let’s overcome the pain of yesterday and start off a pretty cuter future. You know when you keep on regretting about your past, chances are more likely to go against your favor. Remember, even fate ditches you when you don’t believe on it. Just keep your hopes high but expectations low and you won’t get hurt.

Let’s have a look at today’s post of 25 New Year 2016 wall & desk calendar designs for inspiration. Designers should never be overlooking to the works already being done by experts and designers because from that accumulation, ideas and inspiration can be sought. From this post, designers will have a better idea that how calendars (both wall and desk) can be made.

Stick around for more is yet to come.

1. Heart Series New Year Calendar 2016

You can buy this calendar for only $14.95. It is 12″ x 12″ stapled wall calendar

Heart-Series-New-Year-Calendar-2016 Heart-New-Year-Buy-Calendar-2016-


2. Digital Art 2016 Calendar Design on Dental Theme


Digital-Art-2016-Dental-Calendar Digital-Art-2016-Dental-Calendar-2 Digital-Art-2016-Dental-Calendar-3

Digital-Art-2016-Dental-Calendar-4 Digital-Art-2016-Dental-Calendar-5 Digital-Art-2016-Dental-Calendar-6


3. Corporate Desk Calendar 2016 Design For Sicoob





4. Creative Manifesto Beautiful Letterpress Calendar 2016 design

Get it now on kickstarter

Creative-Manifesto-Letterpress-Calendar-2016 Creative-Manifesto-Letterpress-Calendar-2016-2 Creative-Manifesto-Letterpress-Calendar-2016-7 Creative-Manifesto-Letterpress-Calendar-2016-6 Creative-Manifesto-Letterpress-Calendar-2016-4


5. Izumi Single Page Calendar 2016 For Inspiration




6. Beautiful Illustrations Calendar 2016 by Ana Varela


Beautiful-Illustrations-Calendar-2016-by-Ana-Varela Beautiful-Illustrations-Calendar-2016-by-Ana-Varela-2 Beautiful-Illustrations-Calendar-2016-by-Ana-Varela-3 Beautiful-Illustrations-Calendar-2016-by-Ana-Varela-4 Beautiful-Illustrations-Calendar-2016-by-Ana-Varela-5


7. Freshly Brewed Coffee Mini Calendar 2016


Freshly-Brewed-Coffee-Mini-Calendar-2016 Freshly-Brewed-Coffee-Mini-Calendar-2016-2


8. Islamic / Arabic Desk Calendar 2016

You can get a free copy of this calendar from Behance

Free-Islamic-Arabic-Desk-Calendar-2016-2 Free-Islamic-Arabic-Desk-Calendar-2016-2


9. Cute Chinese Desk Calendar 2016


Cute-Chinese-Calendar-2016 Cute-Chinese-Calendar-2016-4 Cute-Chinese-Calendar-2016-3 Cute-Chinese-Calendar-2016-2


10. Desk Calendar 2016 | Dogtastic A Theme Based on dogs

You can buy the calendar from etsy

Dogtastic-Desk-Calendar-2016---A-Calendar-Theme-Based-on-dogs-3 Dogtastic-Desk-Calendar-2016---A-Calendar-Theme-Based-on-dogs-4 Dogtastic-Desk-Calendar-2016---A-Calendar-Theme-Based-on-dogs-5


11. Calendar Year of monkey 2016




12. Beautiful Illustrations Calendar 2016


Beautiful-Illustrations-Calendar-2016 Beautiful-Illustrations-Calendar-2016-2


13. Metamorphosis 2016 Calendar for Anthropologie


Metamorphosis,-2016-Calendar-for-Anthropologie Metamorphosis,-2016-Calendar-for-Anthropologie-2 Metamorphosis,-2016-Calendar-for-Anthropologie-3


14. Calendrier 2016 | Trois fois par jour


Calendrier-2016-Trois-fois-par-jour Calendrier-2016-Trois-fois-par-jour-2 Calendrier-2016-Trois-fois-par-jour-3


15. Color Swatch Calendar 2016


Color-Swatch-Calendar-2016 Color-Swatch-Calendar-2016-4 Color-Swatch-Calendar-2016-5


16. Chilean Calendar of Endangered Birds 2016


Chilean-Calendar-of-Endangered-Birds-2016 Chilean-Calendar-of-Endangered-Birds-2016-2


17. Wall Calendario 2016


Wall-Calendario-2016 Wall-Calendario-2016-2


18. 2016 Wall calendar ideas


2016-Wall-calendar-ideas 2016-Wall-calendar-ideas


19. Wall Calendar Shapes of 2016



Wall-Calendar-Shapes-of-2016-4 Wall-Calendar---Shapes-of-2016-3


20. Digital Art Calendar 2016




21. Holiday Calendar 2016




22. Planets Calendar 2016




23. FFBL Corporate Desk Calendar 2016


FFBL-Corporate-Desk-Calendar-2016 FFBL-Corporate-Desk-Calendar-2016-2 FFBL-Corporate-Desk-Calendar-2016-3 FFBL-Corporate-Desk-Calendar-2016-4


24. Women’s Wit 2016 Calendar


Women's-Wit-2016-Calendar Women's-Wit-2016-Calendar-2 Women's-Wit-2016-Calendar-3


25. Typography Calendar 2016




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