50+ Inspiring Brushpen & Crayola Hand Lettering Examples by David Milan

Blessed are those who are gifted by birth with an art, a talent or with an inborn skill. So no one can jump over to them, nobody can put off with them, nobody can walk over them because they have a potential to hit bull’s eye, because they have a skill to prove their existence and meaning of life, because they are different and they do not fear of that.

We all are bestowed by God who has given us some hidden and some vivid talents. It is now upon us how do we use them, how do we polish them and how do we perform in the world of Him. Shakespeare has rightly said ages ago that, this world is a stage and we all are its characters playing our own part differently. Well most of us are still in the struggling phase who are trying harder each day to find out what we are good at, what we can do to earn the livelihood.

These days getting into a university and holding a degree in the hand is not everything for a person needs to be called successful. One really has to break the shell and step out of the comfort zone. Then starts the real struggle, the real challenge which one has to face. Well coming towards our post of today which is highlighting a collection of 50+ inspiring brushpen & Crayola hand lettering examples by David Milan.

Now even my readers know that I love his work and he is such an inspiration for me because I have been posting his stuff every now and then, whenever I need ideas or a stimulation I surf for his works of creative art and come out having handful of innovative ideas myself. He has taken hand lettering to another level which nobody can beat, to be precisely.

People can adopt his ways or perhaps use the techniques he uses but certainly the level of perfection he has — cannot be obtained by mimicking his style of hand lettering. You must check his collection down here yourself. Revert us with your feedback and make us know how you found this post.






















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