Free Vector Inspirational Typography Wall Calendar 2016 | Printable PDF, Ai & EPS

Typography is the one creative art that will never lose its spark, what could be more inspiring than reading words and take influence out of it. Words do inspire us, it is ‘words’ that play the role of magic wand, it is ‘words’ that can heal like a doctor, it is ‘words’ that can make and patch up where anything is at fault.

It is ‘words’ that inspire us, words that motivate us, words that keep us going like a strong tower, and surely words do comfort us at the time of complex hour. When you’re down, and you call up your friend, his words of kindness fill up the gap in your heart. Mother’s words can give you warmth, wise words rectify you where you go wrong, and believe me it is the spell of words that make us fall in or out of love.

Words can cause destruction, they can cause thunder and storms, words are like winds and hurricanes, words can destroy us easily too. It depends how we use them and how they are used by others. Either words break us, mend us or make us strong, words have a role to play in our lives and we cannot undermine their significance. Typography is an art where words make a fine blend with colors, meaning, sense and a feel.

Typography is a skilful art and not everybody can become good at it. It relies on the quality of efforts and conviction one puts in it. Well today my post is showcasing free Vector inspirational typography printable Calendar for 2016. You can get these printed, make them your wall calendar, gift it to your folks and pals because the New Year 2016 is coming forth a month later. Read new sayings every month and get your spirit a total boost.

I know words like these are provocative and help us to go along no matter how hard it gets. Have a look at the 2016 calendar, stay hooked for more freebies and I am sure you will like them all in the coming future too. Stick around!

Inspirational Free Printable Wall Calendar 2016



1. Free January Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: Turn pain into power



2. Free Feburary Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: Great things never come from comfort zone



3. Free March Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: Remember why you started



4. Free April Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: Luck is for losers



5. Free May Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: Diet or Die



6. Free June Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: Do what is right not what is easy



7. Free July Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: Try & fail, don’t fail to try



8. Free August Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: You never know who you are inspiring. Be Strong!



9. Free September Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: Live a Good Story



10. Free October Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: You have to go through the worst to get to the best



11. Free November Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: The best revenge is massive success



12. Free December Calendar 2016 | Printable Ai & PDF

Artwork: Hard work bests talent


Free Vector Printable Wall Calendar 2016 Design Template

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches (can be scaled to any size) Best Size (17 x 22 inches)
Format: Illustrator Ai + PDF (EPS can be generated from Ai Easily)
License: Free for Personal use only
Designed by: Zee Que |

Free Printable Wall Calendar 2016 AI



Free Printable Wall Calendar 2016 PDF




Free Wall Calendar 2016 Dates Template in Ai Format


Size: 8.5 x 11 inches (can be scaled to any size)
Format: Illustrator Ai (Editable)
License: Free for commercial use
Fonts: Tahoma
Designed by:
 Zee Que |

Free Calendar Dates 2016 




Free Wall Calendar Mockup PSD


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