10 Best 2 Color Combinations For Logo Design with Free Swatches

Designers are wiser to pick & choose the right color schemes when they are to draw a poster of typography, a business card or a logo design etc. it entirely depends on the overall feel of the design, it is up to the imaginative impulses and thought process of the designer how he wants a design to be.

Well here is a quick tip if you are up to make a logo design, always use 2 to 3 colors in the composition of a logo design because the stance of the logo does not get immersed that way rather it stands out and becomes noticeable. The more colors you play with the fussier it will look, and a messy logo design does not get an approval, it also looks ambiguous. You can also add white color in a logo design because it does count and adds to the grace of it.

Here I am providing you few examples that you can go about regarding the color combinations to be implied in the logo designs. Look at the post of 10 best 2 color combinations for logos with free color swatches. Here you can apply these colors and get an idea that what color looks good as a combination. Most of the designers use color cc for color combinations and they already have numerous ready made color schemes however today’s posts will be a guideline for the beginners and learners. For them it will be easy to assume that how simplification looks nicer and vocal by the right use of 2 color combination.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and one must keep in mind that exaggerated anywhere does not look appreciate. Try to keep the design simpler rather creative, emphasis on speak for itself approach, I hope these combinations will be helpful. Do let us know what combination you are going to use in your current or upcoming design project. Subscribe us for more and we will keep entertaining you with the best posts. Stay hooked!


10 Best 2 Color Combinations for Logo Design

Zip file includes: Swatch Exchange ASE File for Ai & Photoshop
All Swatches and combinations are created by Zee Que | Designbolts.com

1. Dark Purple & Gold Color Combination


Purple Gold Color Combination




2. Blue & Gold Color Combination


Blue Gold Color Combination




3. Dark & Light Brown Color Combination

Dark & Light Brown-2-color-combination-for-logo-design

Dark & Light Brown Color Combination




4. Grey & Yellow Color Combination


Grey & Yellow Color Combination




5. Purple & Gold Color Combination


Purple & Gold Color Combination




6. Dark Blue & Soil Color Combination


Blue & Sand Color Combination




7. Burgundy & Gold Color Combination


Burgundy & Gold Color Combination




8. Black & Yellow color combination


Black & Yellow Color Combination




9. Dark & Light Green Color Combination


Dark & Light Green Color Combination




10. Pink & Blue Color Combination


Pink & Blue Color Combination




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