Newest Lettering & Calligraphy Logotype Collection 2016 by David Milan

Art is not limited to painting on the canvas, sketching on the paper, dealing with nature & beauty, it is more about everything that is around us. Calligraphy, typography, sculptures and so on are the mightiest forms of art that require a lot of clarity, perfection and skill. It cannot be obtained overnight, it needs proper practice, strife and interest.

When a pen cannot make you a writer, a camera cannot make you a photographer, when holding the gun cannot make you a shooter, or stirring the spatula cannot make you a cook, you should know that you cannot become a letterer just by drawing slants and random lines. There are special pens and brushes to do that which may cost a little more than expected. But once learnt there is a long way to go.

I personally love this form of art, it is more like adding beauty into words that looks melodious like a tune. Calligraphy has a lot to do with creativity, every artist has its own style of writing however you can always look at the work of inspiration to get the right clues. The rest is your own efforts to get the premium results. Today I am unfolding before you newest lettering & calligraphy logotype collection of 2016 by David Milan. He is one of my favorite artists and every now and then I feel like sharing his innovative stuff because it looks like everything comes out of his heart and not only from his hands.

That’s the professionalism and dexterity on part of David that I seek. He is a graphic designer, lettering and calligraphy artist who has a firm grip over his faculty. Have a look at the collection, I am sure these are going to inspire and also help the beginners that how calligraphy can be beautified, improved and modified. Do check back for more updates that we are trying to bring each day for your interest. Subscribe us to motivate us and get the latest design posts just a click away. Yeah, it is that simple. Here we go!

Newest Lettering & Calligraphy Logotype 2016 collection by David Milan

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